So you might already know this, but I’ve just invested on another course with my business mentor PAUL MORT


I’ve actually been studying with him all year

And have seen tremendous benefits

In terms of growth, knowledge, perspective and business skills and tactics

(You can see him with a quick google search)

Now this courses has cost a whole lot of cash

Quite a big investment…

He provides all the information for me, all the research, resources and all the modules for me

All I have to do is show up and put the work in to produce the results

I actually got a little bit of stick for the money I invested in it off some of my friends

The thing is…

What people don’t understand is that


That, yes, it is expensive

But back in the day? I’d be wasting like £200 upwards a month on worthless stuff

Which of course give me the OPPOSITE results

It’s funny isn’t it?

People will quite happily drop a couple hundred quid over a month on things that inflame their body and mind

And have to deal with the downsides and drawbacks

They’ll quite happily get “2 for one deal” and have to live with the results of pain and inflammation

But won’t INVEST on a course…

I suppose it’s down to what your CORE value, right?


Although I’m not ‘TEE TOTAL’ and still like the odd glass of wine and delightful food(yep)

I’d MUCH rather invest my money in things that make me feel GREAT

I’d much rather invest in things that give me LONG TERM pay offs

And I’d much rather feel GREAT, than feel like RUBBISH

But maybe that’s just me


If feeling great is IMPORTANT to you…

If getting a handle on your BAD HABITS is important to you

I’m currently accepting clients who want to work with me more personally inside of my 12 week ‘Manage your spine’coaching programs

Reply with ‘SPINE’ and I’ll get you the details

Paul Mort private communications
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