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Scoliosis & Posture – Part 1

There is an argument going around many movement and manual therapists saying  'If it's not broke don't fix it". The argument is based on medical papers which show that not all pain is postural related. However,  having worked with many elite athletes I have found they have obtained more than marginal gains by restoring their [...]

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Everything starts with love…………………….

Are you still looking in the mirror to confirm your beauty and love? We all suffer the ups and downs of life like Laird Hamilton surfing the big waves. One of the most fundamental challenges in life is to understand our relationships, both with ourselves and those around us. In my studies and work with clients, [...]

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Have New years resolutions become a joke?

What's holding you back from making a permanent change this year whether it be in your work, private or family life?  The New Year’s tradition has become a sort of joke, but there’s something right about setting a goal for the coming year – to set your sights on self-improvement?  One reason why resolutions might [...]


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