Title: 1-2 Year Apprentice Program: Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification


Embark on a transformative journey with Nisha Srivastava and Mbodies as we delve into the dynamic realm of Pilates through an immersive apprenticeship course. Discover the transformative potential of these apparatuses, empowering instructors to elevate their clients’ bodies to new heights. Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a Certified UK Comprehensive Pilates Instructor with our comprehensive 1- 2-year apprentice program. This program is designed for individuals who have already obtained an Initial Pilates Matwork qualification recognized at National Qualification Level 3 or above. Through a series of nationally recognized CPD courses, participants will expand their expertise to cover a range of Pilates disciplines, including Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Wunda Chair, and Barrels.

Upon completion of the initial Matwork qualification, participants will have the opportunity to gain insurance to teach additional disciplines as they progress through the modules. However, to attain a nationally recognized Comprehensive Pilates Certification and Qualification, candidates must complete a portfolio of case studies, observation, teaching, personal practice, and a summative written and practical examination. Optional inclusion of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) exam is available for those seeking membership in their register of Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructors.

Mbodies Training Academy in the UK offers a 350-hour Comprehensive Pilates apparatus Qualification that can be added to any Level 3 or equivalent Pilates Matwork Certification.


Our training program features a progressive monthly schedule over the span of two years, requiring a commitment of time and dedication from applicants. This can be done in a minimum of one year and maximum of two years. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the initial assessment and interview process to be accepted into the program.

  • 8 CPD workshops led by Lead trainers
  • Access to the studio for observation, self-practice, and teaching
  • Weekly online study resources from Mbodies
  • Access to various instructors for observation
  • 4 group classes each month
  • One 60-minute private session every month
  • Monthly meetings
  • Assistant teaching opportunities
  • Paid teaching opportunities


Over the course of two years, participants will develop the skills and expertise necessary to teach the Pilates system across all apparatus, including reformer, cadillac, chairs, barrels, and small apparatus. Graduates will be equipped to safely teach a diverse range of clients, from injury specialist populations to intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Cost: £4400

  • Final Certification fee: To be paid upon booking the Final Exams
  • Examination fee for Practical and Theoretical Assessment: £250.00

Location: Click here:

Duration to qualify: 2 years

Course type: Hybrid (Online and face to face combined)

Dates: Start months June 2024 or September 2024

Prerequisite: This course is suitable for Pilates Matwork qualified instructors, physiotherapists, or medical movement professionals.

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