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Do you want to see change??? This last week I have spoken to numerous prospective clients and prospective Pilates apparatus teachers. But this is the thing…….. If you want something different in life, you got to be prepared to do something different. This can be career, body fat, training for a race, becoming pain free, [...]

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Can our story be related to our pain?

What story are we holding onto…. “We all have our own story. And we stay attached to our story. This can stop us from growing and living. You want to make your life better? Change your story, change your life.” Tony Robbins In all my 30 years plus of teaching I have encountered many stories. [...]

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Scones, Jam & clotted cream

Last weekend I indulged in some homemade scones, jam and clotted cream. It was earthy, appropriate and I have no regrets regardless what people might think. But this is the thing. It is in moderation, it’s simple sugars and simple carbs which is the most inflammatory. I was on holiday in Salisbury and wanted to [...]

The time may never be right

There will never be a right time….. It’s always the way isn’t, there will never be a right time, to move to a new house, change jobs, finish a relationship, start a new hobby, take up a sport, start that healthy eating programme, tackle that niggling injury, change your body, give up smoking, stop drinking, [...]

The key to change is to let go of fear

Fear cannot exist without courage. We need fear to grow. Most of our fears are poor mind management. Question: How can you live a courageous life that you love?   Answer: By Living a life that demonstrates your core values and belief systems. Most of us are worried about swimming in the river, because of [...]

The only thing in your way is yourself…….

I get enquiries every day for teacher training, chronic pain, Pilates apparatus and so on. These are the thoughts and actions that hold people back that prevent people from progressing forwards with me by signing up and in life. I don’t have the energy I don’t have the time I don’t have the skill The [...]


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