“The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” ~ cell biologist, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

So, Taylor Swift swept the masses and social media and what an incredible energy and tribe she created in the North-West. But for more philosophical folk who do we look too and where do we go?

Well-off I went to see Dr.Bruce Lipton at the monastery in Gorton. Yes, it was sold out, but I turned up with my cardboard sign and worked the queue till I found a lady whose daughter had been unable to come. So that’s it, I was in! I had seen and made sure I was one of the people who got their picture taken with Bruce. Just like everyone wants a picture with Taylor Swift and call it my ‘Ego’, I wanted one with Bruce.

Our conception in life of our self is established in the first two cells and all the cells that follow. This blueprint distinguishes the uniqueness of each individual. All human beings have a multitude of patterns and sub patterns. Now some will work in harmony with us, and some can work against us. Learning to sink beneath these layers helps to find our true superpowers. A creative and expressive environment will allow you to do this. An environment that keeps you in scarcity mindset or fear will keep you as a victim of your circumstances rather than the master of your future.

Now, we establish our belief system, behaviour and conditioning from the ages of 0-7 years. This is when we are most pliable as we are in our theta state. Hence Aristotle’s meaning of: “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man’. If we want to see less trouble and division in the world it starts with making new ways of training those early years. The food giant Heinz is the same ‘meme’ as religion, schooling and political regimes, and they know that if they “teach” a child before seven, they will be a customer for life.

Now there really is no division, we are all connected at a cellular level. We are all talking to the outside world at a subconscious level. This is our vibrational field, or our energetic fields. The power of subconscious mind has been proven in many research papers. A research paper that Bruce Lipton quoted at his talk was from the university of Alabama in Birmingham. This paper involved 74 cancer survivors suffering from moderate to severe fatigue. They were randomly chosen for either placebo or treatment as usual and asked to take two of the pills, twice per day, for three weeks.

“After the three weeks, patients being treated as usual were offered the opportunity to take the placebo pills for three weeks, while those who originally took the placebo pills discontinued them. After another three weeks, those knowingly taking placebo pills significantly reduced their fatigue. The group taken off the placebos maintained their reduction in fatigue, as well. “Cancer survivors report that fatigue is their most distressing symptom, even more distressing than other symptoms like nausea or pain, and clinicians struggle to find ways to help them with it,” Hoenemeyer said. “The effects of the placebo pills on fatigue were so dramatic that we had a number of the study patients ask if they could be given more placebo pills. For ethical reasons, we were unable to do so.”1

So, what does this tell us if anything? Are we missing something? This is for you to decide.

“Truly, Truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and greater works than these will he do”. John 14.12

From a movement perspective we need to shift our fixed ideas into something that is greater and more profound that physically recreates us. Vibration underlies the healing power of silence, sound, touch, stillness, movement expression and communication. Being present within ourselves as we are all constantly distracted, including me, guides us through the patterns and relationships especially the way we move in class. We can all truly experience moments of stability, mobility and transformation by learning to access our conscious mind more. The interaction of the three will give you a deeper presence.

As a Pilates and movement therapist I choose to do this with you in class by moving slower and observing the breath. If you came to me 10-20 years ago, I would be beasting you rather than activating your parasympathetic nervous system. We should move and be still with grace. None of us leave our problems at the door when we enter class, they are constantly showing up in our nervous system.

Here is a little exercise for you to try at home

Rub your hands together briskly and feel the particles between them.

Start to pull them apart and notice the sensation of connection between both palms (an energy ball).  Repeat this several times.

Now notice the shift in the tissues – can you embody this outwardly?

As you explore this vibrational field, notice the weight of your body and lightness and space between your hands.

There is a difference between indirect focus when we experience this energy ball from the frontal lobes of the brain to the energy ball vibration in your whole body.

The more you create space for new thoughts, process and ideas



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