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Why quick fixes do not work – There is no substitute for doing the work

Quick fixes don't work in the body. Most of us don't want to hear this, but; there really are no quick fixes or short cuts to optimal health and movement  (or to anything else worthwhile, for that matter). The road to bettering ourselves is a long continous one that requires time, commitment and self discipline. I always [...]

Deep longitudinal system & core stabilisation – Part 4

One of the ways we can look at back health and saving our back is take our attention to the deep longitudinal system.The dominant role of the deep longitudinal system is to control ground reaction forces during gait motions.  The posterior oblique subsystem works synergistically with the deep longitudinal subsystem distributing transverse plane forces created [...]

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Lateral sling system & Core stabilisation – Part 3

When thinking about core stability we must think about everything in the body in particular the extremities aka arms and legs. You may have an ankle injury, lower back pain and this could be stemming from the lateral system. The lateral system provides essential frontal plane stability. this is accomplished  by a force couple  action [...]

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Posterior oblique system & core stabilisation – Part 2

Every time we move we move our connective tissues will create toque, tension, softness. This can be especially exaggerated and emphasised in such movements as below on the golf swing. Again we are taking our intention and attention to the sales bit everything else is working and is switched on a the term goes. The [...]

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Anterior Oblique System & Core stabilisation – Part 1

Over the next four weeks, we are going to look at the sling systems. The movement patterns I show are Pilates focused and there are many other ways of training the slings. We purposely take our intention and attention to specific areas of the body. Slings (also referred to as chains and/or loops) are a functional [...]


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