As we learn more and more about the body, are we moving forwards or backwards? We label everything and everyone, so that we then embody that condition. Biomechanics of the body is explained as screws, hinges, pivots and origin and insertion of muscles. We tend to look at starting and finishing points rather than integrated living beings.

Fascia is not just the surface area but an entire integration in the body. Once we have a deeper appreciation of who we are, we can then truly embody and connect deep within.

1.“Fascia continuity is verified by our form, continuous and unbroken. Since the earliest origins humans have pondered meaningful questions involving our place in the cosmos and how we arose form it. “From dust thou art, and into dust thou return” Genesis 3:19.”

As living organisms, we should not live in a threatened central nervous system and body, but so many of us do. The body should have fluidity and efficiency. We should thrive in our environments rather than survive. We need some stress to live emotionally and physically.

Myth– muscles do not make us move, they create force as they tension the fascia like a guitar. The strings create a vibration, resonance and frequency. Nikola Tesla was a master of energy, frequency and vibration. He understood that everything is energy, and that by harnessing this energy we can create anything we desire. Tesla knew that if we want to attract something into our lives, we need to match its frequency.

Rather than thinking of a muscular contraction, the muscles provide a tensional union with the fascia. When they work in harmony a beautiful tune is played.

Biomechanics serves its purpose but comes from an era of industrial times. It is also based on dead dissected tissue. The technology of the phone is allowed to advance but not the belief system of our human anatomy. Why is this? We are not mechanical in any way, nor are we a machine. We are bio emotional human beings. Everyone’s architectural shape is different, and we must not just exist as a pulley system brought out of the industrial revolution.


2.“Human dissection studies highlight the repetitive constructive nature of form reflected: the “tubes within tubes” analogy. Blood vessels, nerves lymphatics, muscle fibres, bones, hair, ducts, digestive tracts, bronchioles and ureters are all cylindrical tubular structures or varying shapes. Tubular architecture reflects first principles of tensegrity constructs.”

So, if we are not muscular skeletal, what are we?

We are all living myofascial tissue that creates responses, so we are embryos from the beginning to the end and from the moment we are born to the moment we die.

I do believe we all have an inner ability to be superhuman in different ways or forms. We can all contribute to the planet and thrive rather than just survive. Environment and belief systems always holds us back from reaching true potential. When we get injured or diseased, we have asked the body to perform in a way it’s not meant to.

Our shape, poise, behaviour, and mannerisms reflect our inner and outer psyche and how we are feeling and dealing with life. To maintain integrity in the body we need good health.

It is so basic it seems impossible. Incorporating Hippocrates three doctors of happy, diet and quiet plus the modern-day movement we should find some sort of homeostasis.

Our new anatomy should be bio emotional.  We cannot separate the body from the mind. Fascia and tensegrity in motion exist in a net binding tissue, it is not a connection, we were never disconnected.

We are whole, we grew ourselves and can self-regulate. We appreciate relationships in the body rather than connections. We are designed to move from the feet with force transmission and spiralling.

In utero the big toe grew from the sacrum, the sacrum is the roof of the pelvis, not the back door.

We labelled body parts in order to get a GPS map, but this should not necessarily reflect our cues in our movement choices.

Where are we in life?

Where am I in space?

We navigate with proprioception and interoception. Proprioception, otherwise known as kinaesthesia, is your body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location. It’s present in every muscle movement you have. Without proprioception, you wouldn’t be able to move without thinking about your next step.

Interoception is an internal sensory system in which the physical and emotional states of the person are consciously or unconsciously noticed, recognised and responded to. For example: a person notices their stomach is rumbling and they have a pulling sensation in their abdomen. They recognise this as signalling hunger. So, think of interoception as the subconscious mind. 95% of what we do is coming from our subconscious, only 5% is conscious.

The gut and brain grew from the same tissue. Hence the saying gut instinct. We can learn and develop things instantly, invite and let them reflect how you feel.

Without muscle there is no movement, but it is part of one continuous system. The fascial tissue has the largest number of receptors in the whole body. The brain is a library for our actions and memories. We should learn things instinctively rather than intellectually.

We learn by writing things down. There is no muscle memory in muscles alone. It’s the feedback fascial neural loop. The fascial interface is within everything.

How we touch has an internal effect. How we interpret our surroundings is a reflection of our mindset. We are all uniquely grown by ourselves.

Asymmetrical parts fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement, lacking symmetry. There are many shapes in nature that are asymmetrical, such as rocks, leaves, pinecones, and plants. Letters and numbers can be asymmetrical. Any shape in which the two sides do not match up exactly is asymmetrical. We must be in tune with light, energy, and love. When we are sad, anxious, and depressed, the body closes up.

The muscle system is creating forces in the body. There are no layers in the tissue. Like lots of crayons stacked together there are spaces and opportunities within each space.

The fish are not grown in isolation from the sea, they are intertwined and interconnected with the sea. Ubiquitous tissue is everywhere, it is intertwined between and around and through. Our body is meant to be hydrated and constantly gliding like melted chocolate or sugar not glue. Glue pulls in one direction and prevents it going somewhere else.

The anatomist with a scalpel and the artist with a pencil intends to disconnect the body. When we morph our emotions, they take shape in the body. When we change shape, the forces communicate with the joints. In other words, a dialogue with the deep fascia.

3‘Anatomy textbooks, in effect are seen as operational machines with images and structure, their boundaries and borders informing the reader that ‘this is how it operates’. Yet bio tensegrity focused cadaveric dissection could not endorse many of truisms or dogma of what is still today a predominantly 17th century anatomy.”

If we just look at muscles in isolation, say the psoas, it cannot be a  pure hip flexor but a functional role in the diaphragmatic canopy. The heart lives in the pericardium sack. Nothing exists in isolation, always ask, question, and question it without taking it for granted.

The physical heart only exists in our chest when we are dead, the motion and network of it is felt in the entire body. The physical brain only exists in our head when we die. The brain again operates and is functioning in the entire body. When we are in love, the feeling is initialling in our chest. When we are anxious, we get sweaty palms. All the organs’ emotions and feelings are transferred.

Are we believing what people say? We consider bones as starched fascia. Our bones grew with us with wider tension. Our fingers expand out like a bud. Only when we invite surgical interference, do we create marmalade joints. We have disassociated ourselves from the natural world.

“All energy vibrates. All matter is energy that has slowed down enough so that we can see it and touch it.” Energy, frequency, and vibration are all around us, and when we learn to harness them, we can create anything we desire!” Nicola Tesla

Raising our internal energy and vibration can be done by:

  1. Getting out in nature
  2. Smudge your space
  3. Find Clarity
  4. Practice a morning ritual
  5. Journal your vision
  6. Let your creative juices flow
  7. Treat yourself with love
  8. Cut back on toxins
  9. Pause throughout the day
  10. Practice self care
  11. Recognise your emotions
  12. Practice gratitude
  13. Sing dance and laugh

Maintaining a freely moving body with spaces requires force transmission. So move, sing, dance and laugh. Only when we invite a surgical interference do we create origin and insertion plus manmade joints. When we create architectural changes does it limit it limits the global environment of nature. When we over compress things, we kill the movement of the mind and body. When we invite and embrace movement tensional responses with appropriate actions happen through out the body.

We start movement as an embryo and move in spirals from the skin to the tongue in the mouth. Form follows function. Our tissue is designed to shorten under threat. Animals pandiculate from sleep and rest. We are lazy and like convenience. Its only restorative nature that brings our bounce back.

If you lose the spring in your step, the energy does not recoil. The bioenergy includes and integrates physical exercises, breathing techniques, and psychological analysis to unlock a transformative healing process.

We need to watch our habits, screen time, junk/ processed food, hydration, movement, staying up too late, and poor hydration.

Bioenergy modulates the flow of information. Energy is always coupled with information. Food is energy and information.

Never judge a man or woman by the creed they profess but the life they lead.

Step into reality.

What are you creating?


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Fascia The Universal Singularity Of Biotensegrity The Dark Matter Of Our Inner Cosmos – 1,2,3