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The conscious & unconscious dialogue we have with ourselves

We all hear voices, it's true, we do. Every time i run up a hill i hear a little voice telling me how tough it is, to slow down or stop and give up. I resist the voices and keep going. We constantly have a conscious and unconscious dialogue with ourselves.  According to Deepak Chopra [...]

All pain is multi factoral – Why is that?

Chronic pain can limit your everyday activities and make it hard to work. It can also affect how involved you are with friends and family members. Co-workers, family, and friends may have to do more than their usual share when you cannot do the things you normally do. Unwanted feelings, such as frustration, resentment, and [...]

“An Indian man leads with his belly”- Old housewife saying.

“An Indian man leads with his belly” is a saying that i have grown up with. Indians like many cultures like to take a morning and evening walk before and after the intense heat of the day. Pictured above is Mahatma Gandhi taking his morning walk. The belly can be most definitely seen as leading [...]

Grains, pain and inflammation

Did you know the dumping ground for the organs tends to be in the lower limb? This shows particularly in the knees and hips. The majority of clients that walk through the door of my studios exhibit painful hips and knees caused by inflammation. This usually happens in conjunction with the gut wall (leaky gut). [...]

Movement position for clients with a flat back

I am always being asked about the correct positioning of the spine and pelvis, especially during pilates apparatus and yoga therapy classes. In a nutshell, we are all individual and will have different positioning of our body. The picture below shows a guide to where 'form has followed function'.  We all need what is called [...]


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