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Enduring the ride

As we emerge out of regulations and restrictions, it brings new creativity and feelings for us all. I am passionate about raising the standard of movement and rehabilitation in the NW. Thank-you to all clients, colleagues and staff who have endured the ride of Covid 19 and have stuck with the studios or my social [...]

The hard and uncomfortable truth

WARNING: this one COULD sting a little and bring you back to reality..... I’ve been doing this a long time… Teaching people, supporting people, making people accountable, coaching people, mentoring people, running studios.. Posting advice, newsletter’s, tips and content So I’ve seen it all…. Seen transformations on back-pain, bodies and mindset galore… some of them [...]

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3 Keys  to Raising Your Standards

“Everything you have wanted is on the other side of your comfort zone.” Over the last two days I’ve interviewed new staff for both my Manchester and St. Helens studio. Mad you may think to be expanding in such times of uncertainty; this is the thing, everyone wants to show up when everything is going [...]


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