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The good, bad and ugly……..

Reading all my reviews you would think I have 100% positive results. Well this is the truth. NOT EVERYONE GETS AMAZING RESULTS when they join my Pilates, teaching programmes and chronic pain programs. Why? Well, not everyone does the work, or is prepared to look at different narratives. We tend to do what we have [...]

Do negative, friends, relatives, partners, boss, work colleagues actually exist???

Did you know that we spend and waste too much time and energy on other people? Their behaviour, their actions, their words, thoughts and deeds. So this is really IMPORTANT. I am not excusing people’s behaviour here or accepting it. However people's behaviour is reflection of where they are, what they are, and how they [...]

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FREE ONLINE PILATES this week for everyone with hair or no hair.

BREAKING NEWS – PRESS RELEASE. Following on from UK Cineworld: 'Free movies for redheads during the heatwave’. Nisha Srivastava Pilates studio owner has decided to offer everyone no matter what their hair colour, hair status (wig, no hair), belief system, sexuality, religion and medical status, Free Online Pilates during the heatwave this week. Nisha has [...]

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 5 reasons we need different perspectives on life

I have just returned from a mind-blowing weekend in London of Shiva Rae and Paul Mort. Quite contrasting people from opposite sides of the world, both working in different ways with different tools to enrich and empower the people in front of them so they can enrich others. If you don’t know these people here [...]

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“What we resist persists” – Carl Jung

After 30 years of teaching, coaching and working with chronic pain clients from Joe Bloggs to pro athletes and also drawing from my own private life, I’ve gathered a wealth of information that I want to share with you now… here goes… If you avoid the following: Losing weight Lowering inflammation Training for an event [...]


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