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Bauhaus architecture & it’s relation to movement

Form follows function - In bodies & buildings This December I came across the architectural design of 'Bauhaus' in Tel Aviv. The Bauhaus, a German word meaning "house of building", was a school founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany by architect Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus was the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century, [...]

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Supplements – Do we really need them?

Supplements – Do we need them?   One in three UK people take supplements, but do we need them? Are you taking the right ones or are you looking for a quick fix to treat the symptoms rather than address the root cause? It's big big business for the multi-vitamin companies. The journal of annals [...]

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Have less stress and get more energy

Less stress more energy it's that simple Stress has a massive impact on our physical and mental health – it even gives us our genes. In the past we thought our genes were fixed and there was nothing to change them, now we know we influence them. Change is absolutely possible and it all begins with [...]

Are you sleeping too much or too little at night?

Sleep is the best medicine As well as eating, sleep is an important part of connective tissue repair both mentally and physically. Did you know? Lack of sleep can make you fat Having the TV, mobile phone and other electric devices in the bedroom hinder your sleep and ability to repair Poor sleep can cause [...]

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Chemical Nation – What’s really in your basket

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals from pesticides that cover our fruit and veg to household products like washing powders, lotions and potions that we put on our skin. The biggest risk of getting diabetes is not on how much food you eat, but actually the quality of food you are putting in [...]

Finding Balance in life with Yin & Yang forces

Finding balance in life with Yin & Yang forces In this fast pace of life and work finding balance seems sometimes out of reach. But is it really impossible? When a person's mission, vision and dreams are aligned, mutual harmony is felt and that person can live pain free with safety and security. We have all [...]

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