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Healing from anger and frustration

Healing and making sense of it all This week the Manchester community has really been put to the test physically, mentally and spiritually. The massive support locally and from around the world has been overwhelming making the community stronger. Everyone will feel some sort of emotion and we are all different, it could be anger, [...]

“If it does not work remove it” said the surgeon and the car mechanic

“If it does not work remove it” said the surgeon and the car mechanic When things break in the house, garden, car and body we have a simple quick fix solution, which saves a lot of time, energy, effort and resources. That is to say simply remove it and perhaps replace it. However, we only [...]

Neck Pain, headaches & the female form

Every single one of us is an athlete, this is because we came from an environment of hunter/gatherers and we fought to survive, eat, sleep and move. Our skeletal structure has not changed for thousands of years but what has is the new shiny electronic convenient world. Our muscular skeletal system has adapted to the [...]

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Happiness & Pain

Happiness & Pain - It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves  We are always striving for more discovery, to find new civilisations, to find new drugs, to cure the world's problems, to cure disease and pain. Did you know when we listen, read, watch or participate in anything we are only actually present for [...]


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