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You are 100% committed to your current habits…

It does matter what you say, it’s what you do. People tell me they want to get fitter, stronger, get rid of pain and lose weight, but their actions are so deeply imbedded, that they find it hard to change. We live our life by our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly actions, not by our [...]

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Before approaching 2022, practice gratitude…..

Ask yourself: What are you grateful for in the year 2021 ??? I am grateful for every experience of hardship and pain. As you actually learn and grow more from discomfort that you do form pleasure I am grateful for all clients who have been in a position to support the studios I am grateful [...]

No one is coming to change your life or body

If you are waiting for somebody to give you true health, fix that back, increase longevity and vitality or to pick you up. I’ve got news, no one is coming …… Infact governments take large payouts from corporate companies, so a nations health is always about keeping us reliant on consumerism. After all we can [...]

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Three strategies for a successful 2022

This year has been up and down It’s all a bit chaotic Almost like I don’t know where to start There’s a LOT of stuff out of our control right now But when you LET GO of the need for control… life becomes A LOT easier and more effortless When you are in  apace pf [...]

7 Life lessons in survival

1- Everyone is doing their best in life We expect everyone to share our beliefs, thoughts and behaviour Being a human being requires you to make your own choices When people complain or moan understand that it’s NEVER about US and it isn't personal (it just feels like it) Its ALWAYS about the other person and [...]

I am excited despite the doom and gloom of MSM

You see I can focus on the article I received this morning on gyms and exercise facilities being down on numbers or closing altogether OR I can focus on the amazing opportunity I have to deliver even more outstanding services and find opportunities in adversity Things always happen FOR me and NEVER too me But [...]

The Greeks were right…………

One of the clients gave me this review: “Having worked in an office for 40 years I had developed a poor posture and intermittent lower back and hip pain , when these symptoms became more prevalent my GP diagnosed bursitis and prescribed anti inflammatory drugs. I was not happy with the prospect of taking such [...]

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Did you know??????

DID YOU KNOW?????? That I once was overweight and lost two jobs because of it (Falklands islands and cabin crew). I was full of cystic acne, had chronic knee pain, lower back pain and considered a bust reduction……….. This is the truth, I thought that the advice I was getting from all the different people [...]

Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time……

So Joseph Pilates was definitely ahead of his time............... UUURGGGHHH have we progressed or regressed??? We should be in control of our bodies, not at it's mercy. As any medical person true to their oath will tell you. No medicine will ever replace the foundations of diet and lifestyle. Thus meaning foundation principles of life: [...]

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