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Fibromyalgia, serotonin & repressed anger – Is there a link?

I am raising the question today is there a link between GIT (gastrointestinal tract), serotonin, IBS and repressed anger that could be triggering fibromyalgia. Although there are many possible causes of fibromyalgia, what can be certain is that all of the possible causes are a direct result of a cascade of disturbances and resulting malfunctions. [...]

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You’ll never look good on the outside till you look good on the inside

Did you know that our outside or exterior reflects our inside or interior? Are your poops stinking or perhaps a members of your work team or family? Are you suffering from IBS like I used to in my 20's and treating symptoms rather than root cause? Are diet foods, diet clubs, commercial diets making [...]

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It’s all in your head – The wheat brain connection

Increasing blood sugar levels are associated with cognitive decline, a long-term study has found wheat effects reach the brain in the form of opiate-like peptides. The polypeptide exorphins responsible for these effects come and go, dissipating over time, Exorphins instruct you to eat more food, increase calorie consumption. All these effects are reversible. Stop eating wheat [...]

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Take seven breaths before making a decision

It is important to make decisions from a place of balance in your life, by taking a breath and checking in with heart and mind. Each of the myriad decisions we make every day has the potential to have a deep impact on our lives. Some choices touch us to our very cores, awakening [...]

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Sciatica & piriformis syndrome – A constant confusion & do they exist?

First of all, we all love to label conditions whether it's flu, IBS, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder etc Bear in mind that a lot of labelling are umbrella terms and we have to think of the body as a series of connections. From a fascia point of view, we don't like labels, what we think [...]

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Swollen wheat belly & chronic inflammation

“Give us our daily bread” – Deuteronomy. Moses describes the promised Land as ‘a land of wheat, barley and vineyards.’ Bread is central to religious rituals. Go into any major supermarket and you will see 68 feet of white bread, wholegrain bread, multi-grain bread, seven-grain bread, rye bread, pumpernickel, sourdough bread, bagels galore, cheese bread, [...]

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