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Pain – Physical, mental and emotional – it’s all the same

Pain can be difficult—difficult to get through, difficult to describe, difficult to quantify, difficult to treat and difficult to get others to understand. The perception of pain is subjective—one person’s agony of pain may be shrugged off by another as an inconvenience. Healthcare providers often ask people to rate their pain on a scale of [...]

Inflammation – How can we play a part?

Throughout the last thirty years of teaching clients and children, inflammation has been on the rise. When I was at school you only heard of asthma and eczema, now there is whole other list of complications that both parents and children have to battle with. In my early days of teaching I did not have [...]

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“Some- thing or no-thing” – English housewife saying

Old English housewife saying: "Something or Nothing".  How many ways can we interpret this? Could we delve a little deeper and apply this to human life and living. In order to live we must breathe, without breath we would die. We breathe every day unconsciously. When we go into deep day dreams, mediative states or runners [...]

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Time cannot be managed but activities can

The more people I talk to and clients that I meet, the more and more everyone is telling me how they don't have time. The way life is now we are bombarded with a multitude of options and decisions every minute and we need to make wise choices for a healthy, wealthy lifestyle. Time cannot be [...]

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“I’m not losing weight” – It could be a stress response

Weight loss is big business. If you are on a diet right now, or trying to lose weight, there is a giant industry out there you should be familiar with. Remember if it says low fat or diet it means it's nutritionally deficient and probably stuffed with additives, artificial sweeteners  and processed sources. Food replacements and [...]

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Back Pain & Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is a very strong thick fibrous connective tissue. Sciatica is a form of neuralgia, which is felt as a sharp or dull consistent pain or tingling. Sciatica affects many people. The most important symptoms are radiating leg pain and related disabilities. Many synonyms for sciatica appear in the literature, such as lumbosacral [...]

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