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Being honest with ourselves and in Gaia

The Easter bank holiday is the traditional time for spring cleaning, and many people across the world are thinking about tidying up and de-cluttering their property this Easter weekend. For me, this is a quiet time for self-reflection, honesty and Gaia. As I change and make changes so do my family and clients that I [...]

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“Everyone wants to change, but no one wants to be changed”.

Anyone who has intentions of change has most likely discovered making lasting change is very hard. It’s usually our own internal fears that hold us back from change. “Better the devil you know than the devil you dont know”. It’s, therefore, easier to stay in poor habitual patterns or lifestyle habits that don’t serve or help [...]

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“Don’t let your biology become your biography”

In order to survive in life, we take on certain behavioural patterns and characteristics. These are known as archetypes, it’s important that we know when we are behaving as a particular archetype. As the famous Carolyn Myss would say “Don’t let your biology become your biography”. Life is tough and hard and we are all experience [...]

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Survival & our behaviour part 1

Around the world, people go about doing the same things in very different ways. Although the behaviours of races and cultures are different, the basic needs they are satisfying are very similar. Abraham Maslow is one psychologist who studied these needs. Remember: "Our genes load the gun but the environment pulls the trigger". A great [...]

Oestrogen overload in men = Prostatitis & man boobs

Oestrogen is in everything from our tap water to our daily food chain.  With more and more men showing signs of prostatitis, prostate cancer and man boobs, this is something we need to act upon. High oestrogen contributes to prostate cancer. As the testosterone is transferred into oestrogen, the low levels of testosterone can cause many [...]

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Talent, skill & footballer Steven Pienaar

Why have some of us got it and some of us have not? Whether it's football, pilates, yoga, playing an instrument, passing an exam or taking up a new hobby. Every human has a skill; this is based on revolutionary scientific discovery involving a neural insulator called myelin, which some neurologists now consider being the [...]

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Prolapsed & herniated discs

As the weeks go by I am overwhelmed by telephone enquiries with clients with prolapsed discs.  Back injuries are the most common of all orthopaedic injuries and they happen in gyms and workplaces alot. This is why we assess rather than guess. Throwing clients straight into any sort of class can be detrimental to their back [...]

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