You see I can focus on the article I received this morning on gyms and exercise facilities being down on numbers or closing altogether
OR I can focus on the amazing opportunity I have to deliver even more outstanding services and find opportunities in adversity
Things always happen FOR me and NEVER too me
But it reminded me of something…
Not just the power of having a teacher, coach or trainer…
Or the importance of investment in personal development, exercise and mentoring
See, I truly BELIEVE that the fastest way to CHANGE your LIFE and your BODY
Is to change your PEER group and SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT ……
If I run with five other slow runners, I become slower
If I exercise at a facility without a regular client attendance, I adapt to the pace of the non regulars
If I mix with people who only want coffee and cake , i’ll only want coffee and cake
well… back in the day..
Tony Robbins (one of my heroes) said that:
“The results you have in your life are a direct result of the standards your peer group holds you to”
Read again ^^^
See, your peer group are a group of people that you’ll modify your behaviour to get the approval of
Like you have when you go out with 8 food and drink monsters? You’ll eventually become the 9th
And you know? He’s right
Ever since I heard that… and it sunk in for me
I’ve invested in masterminds, movement and all sorts of prorams
Got around people who are a little further ahead than me
Doing a little  better than me
And it’s almost FORCED me to up my game, to raise my standards
And of course >> get better results
Its one of the reasons my 12 week ‘Manage your spine’ program are done in semi-privates (with plenty of time for correction and help)
Because it’ll make you RAISE YOUR STANDARDS
You ready?
Reply with ‘Pilates’ to the email and I’ll get you details
Nisha Srivastava (Pilates Guru)
Paul Mort Communications