I get so many enquiries for everything and anything from chronic pain and weight loss to business and mentoring advice. When clients attend my studios and don’t get the results they wish to see, it”s always because they are not changing their behaviour, habits and belief systems outside the studio. I never just throw anyone into a class or one to one. I always check first to see if my studio and staff are going to be a right fit for each other and if their goals are obtainable then sustainable. Is the client expecting me to treat them or are they taking responsibility for the self and going to put in the work in order to see the desired result?

Firstly, ask yourself:

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. Why do you care about the outcome?
  3. What are the benchmarks and when do they occur?
  4. What are the three biggest obstacles in the way?
  5. How will I overcome these obstacles?

Only taking action will achieve a result. Declare what you are going to do and do it. You can be accountable by announcing it to friends and family. If you stopped these daily habits, you would simply go back to be being indifferent or doing nothing. If you don’t change you will simply stay the same. When we criticise, blame and call others names, these emotions and feelings come from a place of fear. This can be a fear of rejection from others, especially family and friends, or not fitting in with the tribe. When we also see other people’s beliefs are different from ours we expect them to change to fit in line with ours. When they don’t, we ridicule, judge and ostracise them. This is of course the lowest of the low in human development. Divided we fall. It’s been going on for centuries. Judgment merely creates separation and segregation.

If we don’t track our wins in life, we can’t track how far we have come. What gets measured, gets improved. The simple act of merely measuring something can have a tremendous influence on the thing itself. If you track your steps, or even cast an eye over the step count on your phone, you will park further from the shops. If you track, you’re eating, I assure you there will be more trips to the fridge where you opt to take nothing from it. If you keep a note of your spending with your income, you’ll see improvements in your spending.

Now not every day will be great, but you can learn to find a great win in each day. Something to be grateful for or to be proud of. It’s the simplest things in life. It’s also important to know that we are all put on the earth to give. We cannot receive what we are not willing to give.

Just like a poor man who can’t show where his money has gone, a time-poor man cannot show where his time has gone. Put in the time and effort and you will see the results. So, if you are constantly feeling rushed, stressed and continually cancel your appointments with your health, you simply prioritise other things that you feel have a higher value and have not learnt to say no. So, you are either willing to put up with the life you have, or willing to do the work required to change your situation. To look at it another way, you are either willing to let your business stay the same or willing to do the work to see it change.

The truth applies with your body, fitness and health. The same mindset applies to relationships, marriage and mindset.

You’re either willing to do the work or willing to stay the same.

The choice is yours…………………….


‘F*ucking unstoppable’ – Paul Mort

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