Why am I out of shape?
Why do I never lose weight?
Why do I never get rid of my chronic pain in my back, knees and hips?
Why do I wait for someone else to fix me?
Why do I spend endless time and money on medical professionals and therapists with only short term results?
Why do I keep using my pain to self soothe on sugar, processed food and alcohol?
The above are just a few of the questions that I have experienced myself in life plus in friends and family around me. The truth of the matter is that my body is a reflection of my selfcare. It is a result of my choices and how I am treating myself. It’s how I value myself. We live in a world where we constantly tell people to love themselves. What better way to love oneself than to set boundaries? To know exactly what you are putting in your body and how you treat it.
Being overweight has a massive impact on our mental health, our joints, the load through the organs, our mindset, our ability to reach goals and targets and our energy levels.
Self-care should be the highest priority. When I am a poor version of myself it will affect friends, work colleagues and my family around me. It’s important for me to lead by example. My health, fitness, diet and lifestyle is reflected in every action and choice that I take in my life.
We live in a society dominated by expensive and quick fix cures. These actually disempower the human being as they will not take adult responsibility for themselves as they will always rely on someone or something to fix them.
Health should always come first. Proper preventive disease and illness should be taught through our educational systems and endorsed by non-profit/non bias companies.
The healthier you are the more awareness and consciousness you will have in life.
Below I share a six month case study of a client in her late fifties.
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Client feedback for CHEK women wellness program age 42-57 years.
” l felt that I had just let things go after breaking my arm about 12 years ago, as it took about 2 years to recover fully. Then I did as Paul Chek says ‘l played the victim’. I didn’t bother exercising and just took good health for granted, for years. I was eventually delighted when I’d seen an advert reminding me that your yoga/pilates classes had returned. 
Unfortunately at this point I had just recovered from a knee injury, trapping my cartilage between the two knee bones. I was in a poor and painful state when I joined your classes. I had lost track of heathy eating, even though I usually cook from scratch, but there were a lot if sneaky unhealthy snacks. 
I was consuming ‘low fat’ food thinking it was good. I couldn’t loose weight and genuinely wondered why. I did have the fog brain, night sweats, insomnia.l did not feel my best, I’d felt I’d reached an age where I was old and had to accept it. I was hopeless and upset about the matter thinking this was ‘my lot’. I was relieved that you had sent out an email promoting the 6month course from Paul Chek. Although l was 3 years older than the course was aimed at l was desperate for help. 
At first I found the exercises awkward for me as l knew l was unfit. I was determined to make it work. I was very surprised about being able to eat full fat dairy foods instead of low fat. I immediately followed what l was told even though it was against what l had been doing for the last 30 years. I later realised why the full fat food needed to be organic. I’ve learned a lot even though what l was being told was what l originally knew. I really did need to take myself in order and put things into practice. I had become complacent over the years. I’d always kept fat to a minimum in my diet but ate quite a lot of sugar. I know know that it’s the sugar is the bad thing in a diet. I’ve learned a lot of things from the course and it has put me into a habit of listening to healthy ‘podcasts’ which are good reminders of the good advice l learned on the course. 
To just sit and breathe/ meditate helps stop me from rushing manic through the day. The best advice was ‘if I don’t take my health into my own hands- who else will’. Daily exercise is so helpful. I didn’t realise it was my diet affecting my arthritic knees. When I have to eat the wrong food, when someone else has cooked for me, l can feel the difference. 
Now l can walk down stairs without feeling the chronic pain that I used to feel. I have lost weight, but better still l feel more supple and healthier which has helped my mind. I don’t usually suffer from poor mental health but the covid virus was taking its toll on me. I do feel that my fitter body can cope with any illness. I am so grateful that Nisha is doing this course/ plan. 
I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve learned so much and been reminded of so many things that I had forgotten.
A big Thankyou to you Nisha for all your very much appreciated help.” Chek Client