Tell me, what is the area in your life which requires the transformation?

Could it be health, diet, business, relationship, bank balance, chronic pain and the list goes on…  What are you willing to do about it? Your result will either be triggered by constantly being in some sort of pain or you will continue to stay where you are making the same mistakes and repeating the same behaviours as you put value on other things rather than change.

Did you know we learn our behaviours and patterns as children from what we see, rather than what we are told. This is mostly form loved ones around us including parents, then onto schooling and religion. So many adults deflect blame.

“There’s no happy ending to an unhappy journey.” Paul Mort

Are you willing to pay for the advice and accountability you need to get where you want to be? Are you willing to put the time, energy and resources into getting the result that you want?

This is the thing: we all think that our situation, story, circumstances, situation, disability, upbringing, trauma is different. Your life is different, your partner is different, your business is different, your situation is different, your excuses are different, but someone somewhere around the world will have the same experience and will have triumphed. There is no hierarchy in trauma, everyone’s personal experience and circumstances are individual to them. However, we have the ability to change our epi genetics, to change our circumstance by changing our belief system.  We cannot change our past, but we can take charge of the present moment and change the future.

When we change our belief system, our behaviour follows. We get blame and responsibility mixed up. Everybody is able to choose how they react to a situation. You can have two people who go through the same traumatic experience and one life can be completely untouched and the other life can be more victimhood. When we blame and point the finger at others, three fingers point back at us. When we become the victim, we become disempowered.

“You’ll never create a life you love doing stuff you loathe”. Paul Mort

The thing is fit people have different habits from obese people. I know that from self-experience. Happy people do different things form miserable people. Broke people have different traits to wealthy people. Would you be willing to copy the people you want to aspire to? I can give you all the tools and knowledge to fulfil your dreams and goals but the problem is if you don’t apply them, it’s a complete waste. “Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power”.

Anxiety, stress and depression are states of mind, in the same way as happiness is. Our mindset is a collection of beliefs and assumptions that you own that are so powerful that your behaviours conforms to them. Generating new results requires generating new behaviours. You cannot change your behaviours without first changing your beliefs and assumptions. We create our own panic, meaning we can create our own peace.

When we are stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious and angry we show this in our physiology. We reflect this in our posture, breathing and central nervous system. As Vincent van Gogh’s painting of the sorrowing old man shows depression. We become the language that we use. I’m depressed, I can’t do that, I never lose weight, it’s in my family genes. Remember that depression, anxiety, overwhelm and stress are states of the mind. The beautiful thing is that we can change it in an instant.

Take control of your life!

  1. Always be working towards clear sets of outcomes, goals, dreams and desires that require you to be more than you are now and seem beyond your ability.
  2. Have a system that develops and expands your ability to deal with stress, tiredness, setbacks, disappointment, criticisms and anything life has to throw you- and enjoy the process of doing this…

This means we must have daily rituals, goals and targets that dominate us mentally and emotionally. Do they generate growth, progress and expansion? When you don’t have purpose, the universe will send you problems. When you tell yourself that something is complicated it allows stories to take root about how confusing it is. You start to set up excuses and give yourself permission to fail. You become a product of our stories. You need an expanded capacity to deal with stress (because that isn’t going to disappear overnight) fatigue, opinions, criticism, chaos, people, thoughts and tough times. The key to expansion is you.

When we have doubt, uncertainty, procrastination and fear it is more important. The benefits of taking care of your body are endless and obvious. It’s more important than ever to live by core and health values. Our personal health is a form of personal fitness, when we have good health, we have good health mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally meaning we have more energy, more confidence, more money, more focus and more drive. Your body will either serve you or hinder you.

Whether you like it or not:

  • Being fit beats being obese
  • Being strong, beats being weak
  • Being full of energy beats being tired and lethargic
  • Being confident with your shirt on or off beats hiding under baggy clothes and tucking your belly in
  • Having a healthy cardiorespiratory beats getting out of breath to go up the stairs
  • Being healthy beats being sick

When you sacrifice your physical and mental health everyone and everything suffers around you.