So I was back at the GARUDA apparatus studio on Monday for the first time in 18 months …. Man… what a buzz To be brutally honest, I was actually NERVOUS How would I get on? Would I have the mobility for the repertoire? Will I be able to handle the strength work? Will people think I’ve gone fatter over lockdown ? Will they think I’m a lazy because I don’t have the mobility? Interesting fact about those last 2…. NO-ONE CARED Why? Because THEY were all caught up in what THEY WERE DOING Its funny, you know… We spend so much time worrying about what people MIGHT think of us Hoping they’ll approve of us, praise us, worship us, pay us compliments etc And we FORGET That people are too busy being worried about what THEY think that we’re thinking of THEM <<< read that again,.. its CRITICAL you get it.

We are NOT the star of anyone else’s show.“How did you get on then. Nisha?” I here you say Well, I’ll tell you tomorrow In the meantime, don’t forget I just opened up enrolment on my 12 week ‘Mange your spine program’To work with me more personally at the start of next year Reply with ‘Pilates’ and I’’ll get you the details