1. Check out this amazing testimonial I got from…..well… YOU, actually ========== “In December 2021 in Invested In Pilates Manchester 6 month ‘Chek program where I was shown and guided through some amazing things”. Now, it’s July 2022 and I can’t believe the changes I’ve made to my life, my back pain and my body You see, I had been spending a lot of time struggling with a lot of things:

1.My energy

2.My migraines

3.My chronic pain 

4.My emotions 

5.My mindset, drive and motivation

 6.My relationships and dealing with people 

7.And my thoughts around my health
The problem was, it seemed never ending and got overwhelming

I was getting advice from so many different people, but no one ever asked me about my sleep, nutrition, hydration, movement, breathing and belief system. I had never heard of the four Doctors: Dr.Diet, Dr.Quiet, Dr.Happy and Dr.MovementThat wasn’t the case after completing the program with Pilates Manchester and their team Not only did I get some amazing results  But I learned how to take back control and step into my power of my body
On top of that? My energy is through the roof, I’m happy as hell and I’m feeling confident about my stomach and posture and excited about the future Everyone is noticing the change in my body and I couldn’t be more inspired


Here’s the thing….

I know you didn’t really say this….

I wrote this testimonial from

“future you”
 to help you imagine the possibilities of the results you’d get

No matter where you are right now, working with me will have a BIG impact on you, your life and your family’s life

The only problem is….

In order to get results- you have to take action 

So screw waiting until January to get booked on

Come join us NOW so you can get started on future you And plant the seeds for some brand new fruit come 2022

Email back with ‘Pilates’ as the subject line and I’ll get you the details 

PS- once you join us.., there are a couple of ‘pre-assignments programs to be doing’ plus some reading material

Paul Mort correspondance