I mentioned it in Thursdays newsletter about ‘what people MIGHT think’
That I was back at Garuda Pilates studio for the first time in what felt like forever
Was great to be back on those amazing machines of James de Silva
By the end?
I was actually quite breathless, but in a good way
Like,… lactic acid rising up through my body
Because, as it turns out….
If you don’t train for a while, be it in language, sport or hobby?
You end up rusty, unsure and insecure
And thats exactly what I was on Monday
But man, I LOVED getting back to face to face Garuda Pilates
I was also reminded of a SUPER VALUABLE LESSON
It’s something that I think everyone has to get
Mad simple, too
And its this >>>
When you don’t do something regularly…. You CANNOT GET BETTER AT IT
^^ Read that simple thing again ^^
The reason you can’t get better at handling your emotions? You don’t practice it
The reason your energy is low? You don’t practice protecting it
The reason you are not losing weight? You are not looking at the whole body
The reason you struggle to deal with other people? You’re not training in it
The reason your career/business isn’t progressing? You aint showing up enough
The reason you feel everyone and everything is against you is? You are still in victim mentality (things happen to me, instead of for me)
I could go on….
You could write down ANYTHING that you struggle with….
I can almost guarantee its because you don’t practice it
Oh and if you DO want to get better at any of the above?
 I’m taking on NEW CLIENTS (male and female) into my ’12 WEEK- MANAGE YOUR SPINE PROGRAM’
For a JANUARY start
Its one of my most PERSONAL programs…
With plenty of time for preparation and foundation work SENT PRIOR
Reply with ‘PILATES’; and I’ll get you all of the details
Nisha Srivastava (Pilates Guru)
Paul Mort private communications