Every year, millions of people around the world start off with great fitness intentions.

Some want to lose weight and get in shape.

Others want to live a healthier lifestyle and reduce pain.

So it’s the end of January, you are feeling more bloated and lethargic than before the festive period. A few pounds have crept on or even more.

But 2-3 months down the road…… well, you already know EXACTLY how this unfortunate story plays out.

You have the intention and attention to get to the gym , pilates, cross fit and Yoga but are finding it increasingly hard with weather conditions, dark nights and early mornings. The beige or white food is still in the fridge , cupboard and you know it has NO nutritional value, but it’s quick easy and your go to solution. You may also of given up on things, people and places and don’t want 2019 to be a repeat of 2018. So in summary:

So what’s the difference between those who are successful at achieving their goals versus those that fail?

Hint: It’s not about simply making resolutions….

It’s about having an actionable plan and consulting with a coach, mentor and teacher like me! I also have my own coach, mentor and teacher.

I receive so many enquiries at this time of year but sadly most clients don’t follow through.

Ask yourself: Are you looking for someone to fix you or educate you with the knowledge to be what you want to be?

Are you prepared to give the time, energy, resources and willingness to follow through?

Resist change at your own peril

Many people tell themselves that they don’t have the time and money to do A, B and C.  However they live in such a way that they mismanage their lives and money and then grumble when they see others who do have the downtime to do be more creative or do well in life.

These people (and we have all been there, including me) are a goldmine to the medical and drug industry not to mention the legal system. At the same time they are a massive cost to the society as a whole.

These people resist change at a societal, spiritual, personal and professional level. Why is this? It’s because his/her are in a constant state of fight or flight (STRESS). They are anchored in their reptilian brain which kills creativity. What becomes habitual patterns are disruptive aberrant hormonal rhythms.

Hormones are the interface between the subtle high vibration states of the mind and the lower vibrational states of cells, organs , glands and the body at large. The internal stress signals produce negative emotional states that reflect the survival fear created within body systems regulated by the autonomic nervous system.

So it becomes a habit to expression fear based emotional pain states which re enforce an accumulation of stagnant and negative energy within the body and mind.Their way of relating to everyone is like love wit sharp teeth.

So if you want to be one of the 8% of who make change but have the tools to stick at it. Get in touch.


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