Rotation or lack of rotation?

Whatever you want to call it, twisting, turning, rotating, or spiralling, any sort of rotation is the key catalyst of all the synovial joints in the body. Like a rusty hinge we may become stuck or restricted in places. This feels like a block physically and mentally. Like we would use WD40 to loosen a [...]

Going beyond average…..

This is for all the marketing agencies, manual and movement therapists that keep contacting me on how to build a profit making Pilates business. Well I have to tell you the truth. No business is plain sailing, we should expect ups and downs, like life. The media is full of fear and scaremongering, there is [...]

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Do negative, friends, relatives, partners, boss, work colleagues actually exist???

Did you know that we spend and waste too much time and energy on other people? Their behaviour, their actions, their words, thoughts and deeds. So this is really IMPORTANT. I am not excusing people’s behaviour here or accepting it. However people's behaviour is reflection of where they are, what they are, and how they [...]

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 5 reasons we need different perspectives on life

I have just returned from a mind-blowing weekend in London of Shiva Rae and Paul Mort. Quite contrasting people from opposite sides of the world, both working in different ways with different tools to enrich and empower the people in front of them so they can enrich others. If you don’t know these people here [...]

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Are you constantly distracted and procrastinating?

Distraction is a decision, not a disease - a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else. We never get distracted from the things that we value the highest. We all fall victim to distraction and procrastination including myself. This can be the phone, the internet, the computer, the Ipad, the washing, the cooking, [...]

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Dealing with negative/difficult people

You see you only read the good aspects of myself and the business, but never the downsides. Did you know that we actually learn more from the not so rosy things, than the rosy things in life? My biggest breakthrough in dealing with myself first and people over the last 30 years is that there [...]

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You are an individual

Thank you so much for your interest in our Garuda apparatus studio. At NorthWest Pilates and Pilates Manchester, we understand that everyone is unique and has their own specific goals and needs.  We pride ourselves on taking a holistic and personal approach to help our clients achieve exceptional results.  You can call us on 0800 246 1251 or [...]

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5 reasons you don’t stay motivated

Motivation is a crazy thing… Many people struggle with it PARTICULARLY ‘staying’ motivated’ I mean, its fairly easy to create a feeling of motivation at the START But keeping it up and continuing to show up in life? Is a different story SUNDAY night is always the night when we are MOST motivated Whether that [...]

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The hard and uncomfortable truth

WARNING: this one COULD sting a little and bring you back to reality..... I’ve been doing this a long time… Teaching people, supporting people, making people accountable, coaching people, mentoring people, running studios.. Posting advice, newsletter’s, tips and content So I’ve seen it all…. Seen transformations on back-pain, bodies and mindset galore… some of them [...]

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