Most people come to me to lose weight, get rid of pain, tone and strengthen alongside a sport or just to assist the mind. Some clients will tell me they have tried everything else (including six physios, four chiropractors, acupuncture, cupping, osteopathy, sugery) and nothing has worked. However when I see their commitment with the self, their choices and their ability to say No. I understand why they are stuck in the same story. Your appointment with the self is your self love and care time. It is not a quick fix and its also priorities. Ask yourself do you spend more on your car, hair and nails, than nurturing the body? Running my studios totally different from everyone else takes guts and  courage. It would be easy just to throw all clients into class, but I don’t I challenge convention.

When we resist change we do not contribute at a societal, spiritual, personal and professional level. Why is this? It’s because his/her are in a constant state of fight or flight (STRESS). They are anchored in their reptilian brain which kills creativity. What becomes habitual patterns are disruptive aberrant hormonal rhythms.


Hormones are the interface between the subtle high vibration states of the mind and the lower vibrational states of cells, organs , glands and the body at large. The internal stress signals produce negative emotional states that reflect the survival fear created within body systems regulated by the autonomic nervous system.

So it becomes a habit to expression fear based emotional pain states which re enforce an accumulation of stagnant and negative energy within the body and mind.Their way of relating to everyone is like love wit sharp teeth.

As a CHEK practitioner we let clients learn through their own journey by making them take responsibility for themselves and not not passing on their health to yet another therapist or bodyworker.

There are 168 hours in a week, if you are training with any sort of treatment or learning a language two hours out of month it will be low results and expectations.

In 1997, Apple Computers released their ‘Think different’ campaign.

It turned out to be one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time and it inspired a worldwide movement of Apple devotees! Whether you love Apple or not, you can’t help but marvel at the innovations Steve Jobs and Apple produced WAY ahead of their time!

True innovators – pioneers – are not waiting to follow the line of people in front of them up the predicable and well-trodden path.

They have a different vision.

The path they choose in many cases has NEVER been walked before, and it’s full of the unknown, pit falls, and unforeseen challenges. Being a pioneer demands a high level of commitment, drive, intuition and energy because the world usually sees them as odd balls… disruptive people or organizations that don’t fit in with the ‘normal’.

However, if these pioneers have the grit and sense of duty to pursue their dreams, they eventually can become the innovators that shape the world.

As Albert Einstein said: ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.’

If you are reading this, chances are you’re a pioneer too… you’re NOT willing to accept the ‘norms’ that have been set out by someone else.

You’re NOT willing to ‘shut up and put up’ with the ever-challenging healthcare system and the fast food approach to healing.

We have a different vision too – it’s just in our DNA to challenge convention.

When I first started as a Pilates teacher in 2002, I had been a dance and aerobics teacher for years, and I was already receiving injured children and adults who were repeating the same pattern to no avail. I thought it was just how it was. Clients were coming to Pilates thinking it would cure them from everything from toothache, disease and back problems. However the reality was that Pilates is great for many people but for many it will not work until the body is addressed as a holistic being looking at thoughts, sleep , hydration, movement, diet and stress.

Then I found Paul Chek’s work and his drive to challenge convention – to ignore the norms and strike out on my own to figure out what really works – resonated with me.

I’m sure you know the rest of my story if you have met or spoken to me on the phone.

In the CHEK System we always look to find our client’s Dream or 1 LOVE.

This is our guiding compass through life and it helps us with EVERY decision we make. Knowing your purpose helps you when the path gets a little steep or unclear!

If you have a true passion… a real commitment to coach people who want to to be healthier and reach their peak performance, this is an amazing time!

There is a huge surge of change happening.

People are recognising that the traditional this-for-that approach to health isn’t working.

So if you’re stuck in a place… if you feel trapped in a life that isn’t yours… if you’re in pain, want weight loss or to work on that niggling injury……..come and join ou Pilates community.

Let’s challenge convention together – we are waiting for you!

When you make a new way to do something, people are going to notice it. We’ll notice it when the volume knob on the radio doesn’t work the way all the other ones do, or when the navigation on your website isn’t where it ‘should’ be. Is your creativity about the convention? For example, if you make a stereo that sounds better, it’s not clear you should also change the way the volume control works. Noticing the shift in interface doesn’t help sell your concept of better sound. And so does the body.


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