We all have values, priorities and what is important to us in life. When we do something we love, we have energy, vitality and we are engaged. When we do something low priority, we feel overwhelmed and drained, as we feel what we are doing is not important to us or has little value.
How much energy does your task produce or can this job be delegated? Low priority jobs give us a low value perception of what we are doing. If you want more vitality choose things that inspire you. List all the jobs that you do every day and see which ones inspire, fulfil and energise.
It’s about the perception of what we are doing. It is the mindset. You may have to do jobs temporarily till you are in a position to delegate it. You can learn to love what you do by linking the jobs together with another outcome or reward.
Prioritise your money on assets that make your life easier rather than things that depreciate in value. Not doing so leaves your home with stuff that weighs you down. The way you manage your food will channel your energy which will in turn effect the way you manage your money. Are you living to eat by indulgence or eating to live in order to perform and live your best life? I know what I am going to eat in advance and prepare it. I never live by outside influencers that tell me what to eat. Anytime you have not prioritised or planned your day, you will go into your amygdala and be responsive on impulse, instinct and avoid and seek.
The sales are on and you are first there. The deserts are infront of you and you impulsively eating. Are you living to eat or eating to live? A longer, vital life comes from eating with rhythm, consistency and food rich in prana. Regulating our blood sugars from low to high using stimulants such as coffee and tea in the day and sedatives at night such as alcohol are masking the problem.
Eating constantly with rhythm by using water and veggie juices will regulate peristalsis, bowel transit times and keep blood sugar levels balanced. Food will either make you feel great or awful. Are they in conflict with your body and do they give you an allergic reaction?
Eating an unbalanced poor diet will keep you reactional and governed by your amygdala. Fibre is essential for our blood brain barrier. Fibre produces a proper stool which in turn leaves us with energy. Stools effect are microbiome, autonomic function and our neurotransmitters in our brain. An unbalanced loose or hard stool leaves us depleted, fatigued, frustrated and depressed.
Our bowels moderate our emotions keeping us empowered, focused and masterful. Dissolve your emotional baggage, your involuntary reactions which stops you being empowered. Reflective awareness will empower you and give you more intuition. When you learn to love others, you will run you. When you despise others, they will run you.
The universe is constantly pushing us to authenticity. Being overwhelmed and drained is being distracted. When we are chronically fatigued, we have had a poor ability to say No, leaving our adrenals fatigued and burnt out.
Eat to live and perform. Add vitality to your life and you will go high. Eat with consistency and rhythm and you will change your disowned parts and disowned energy. Having a reflective awareness is a dialogue between yourself and others. When you infatuate and criticize others, they run you. When you send love to others, you run you.
When you live by your highest values the blood glucose goes to your fore brain activating V5 and V6 in the occipital cortex giving you the ability to have vision. V5 and V6 help you to see opportunity and get past obstacles. You become fluid in movement and become unstoppable. Living by your highest priorities, you are more visionary. Living by your low priorities you will be become tactile and run by your emotions and feelings.
Those with a vision flourish. Those living in the amygdala perish.
Revise your energy and you will resonate with different people in life and in business. When you have low energy, any businessperson will tell you how destructive this becomes. Do not live for your mid-morning, lunch or afternoon break. Don’t live for the weekend. Stop living for vacation. Get rid of the: “Thank God it’s Friday”. Find your mission in life. Realise your are either a victim of your history or a master of your destiny.
When we are living in survival mode, we blame everyone and everything.
People ask me how do I keep going? Well I am inspired every day by what I do. I choose to get my energy levels balanced . Your external world is always a projection of your internal world.
Dr.John Martinee media
Paul Chek
Paul Mort