My question today : “Is illness (physical, mental, emotionally and spiritually) acting as a feedback loop, to let us know we are not perceiving both sides of the events in our life”?

We all have an intrinsic capacity to heal. I have a thirst for understanding the healing process and what it involves. Everything in life is based on some sort of model. It either works or does not work. The majority of what we see and do is not working, yet we all repeat the same behaviour.

We live in our heads and by our belief systems. Our belief systems have been established by our surroundings – through childhood, authority, schooling, religions and the adults around us.

‘Let’s take a step back and look at where illness, ‘dis-ease’ and symptomology originate – in what some have called the mind.’ Dr. John Martinee

This is my experience. Many of us are waiting for someone to fix us in life. The majority of us believe that someone else is responsible for us. This is called ‘transactional analysis’ (the parent/child relationship). So we wait for someone to prescribe us a pill or decide our health outcome. Medical professionals save lives every day. They are excellent at helping with short term solutions and immediate injury. While they are of outstanding assistance at times, the greatest healing power and responsibility for health still lies within us. Hence the saying: ‘Count your blessings’.

When we live in fight or flight, we become dominant in symptomology. Symptomology has been labelled illness. The illness is part of the body’s own innate wisdom. We are being told we are not loving unconditionally. Emmerson said: ‘Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide’. We break down, we resent the catastrophe and are not grateful for the unbalance.

Love is one of the greatest powers we have within us. When we meet someone, we judge them and either put them on a pedestal or in a pit. This is because our values are based on social idealism. If we put them on a pedestal, we minimise ourselves and are too humble to admit what we see in them is inside us. When we put them in the pit, we exaggerate ourselves and are too proud to admit what we see inside them is inside us. We cannot judge another person without feeling empty. The missing qualities effect our physiology. Carl Jung goes into great detail in shadow work. Our shadow is the greatest teacher of all.

When we are not in balance and not conscious (5%) of our subconscious (95%), we cannot see the other side of things. We create dis-order and chaos. The dis-order is the missing information that we require. The quality of our life is based on the quality of our questions. As soon as we start asking the correct questions, we see people for who they really are. We have equity between them and us. Your physiology will not create symptoms, whilst you are in wellness. Wellness is a confirmation of you seeing what actually illness is. Our illness is feedback to say what we are not living the full picture.

We are used to a palliative care system that is based on our amygdala’s response of avoid pain and seek pleasure. This is the same as an illness showing up, we pressure the symptom rather than looking at the feedback loop of the unloved. We cover up with palliative care rather than having curative understanding. Then we end up not receiving the lesson that the body is trying to give us in its wisdom. Many of the things we regret near the end of our life are because we did not live authentically. A child says: “I have to, got to or must” and an adult says: “I’d love to”.

The imbalance in the subconscious mind makes us reactive, impulsive and instinctive behaviours like an animal to avoid pain and seek pleasure. So therefore we are on automation reacting to the receptors of the external world instead of being in governess of your life. The moment we have the ability to see both sides of the event we don’t over-react, avoid and seek or prey and pursue. The order is there, we are just not getting it. When we have unconditional love and an open the heart, the geology will resolve and unfold.

When we love, we have fulfilment? When we judge, we have emptiness? When you love, you are not proud or too humble to admit that what you see in others is a reflection of the self. We have fulfilment when we own us.

Claude Bernard and Walter Cannon, two great physiologists talked about the internal malads of the body. So we take a quick pill for everything to get rid of the symptoms, rather than letting symptoms guide us to a more authentic life. A balanced and ordered life rather than disorder.

When we overeat or drink, the next day we probably feel lousy. This is not because we are deficient in ant acids, it’s because what we are doing does not serve us. Having a headache does not mean we are short of an aspirin. All symptoms of malad are guiding us to being our own authentic self. The feedback of the body is so magnificent, that we are the greatest healthcare system. The hidden order from disorder is always there.

If we are going to clean a house, we have to be able to see the dirt. We find it easy to see the faults in others, without realizing the qualities that we despise and dislike in others, reflect the shadow of ourselves. Everyone is a mirror. When we cannot see others shadow within ourselves, we have disowned parts. These deflated disowned parts leave us feeling empty. We are then inauthentic. We all want to be loved for who we are, not what we are.

At the level of the soul, nothing is missing in our life, a state of unconditional love. At our level of the senses we perceive things are missing in us. We want to be around the people we put on a pedestal. This is because, when we are around them, they stimulate all the best qualities in us making us more parasympathetic, hence giving us more healing qualities aka rest and digest. Our amygdala labels things as negative or positive, attractive or repulsive, so putting people on the pedestal means we want to consume them or it.

The autonomic nervous system has two sides, sympathetic and parasympathetic. An imbalance occurs when we are not living authentically in line with our belief system. Anytime we try to get others to live in our value system or in their value system we produce disorder. Infatuating with someone means you want to consume them. Anytime we lock down on someone we activate the autonomic nervous system. This is designed to maintain balance. Heart rate variability is a measure of ability and adaptability coming from the sympathetic and parasympathetic balance. Heart rate variability is where the amount of time between your heartbeats fluctuates slightly. Even though these fluctuations are undetectable except with specialized devices, they can still indicate current or future health problems, including heart conditions and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Learning to balance means we are graced rather than disgraced. We have pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the immune system. These respond to the autonomic nervous system. When they are in balance the body does not have extreme reactions or cytokine storms. As soon as we get highly infatuated or resentful of people, we put them in the pit and move into inauthenticity.

Our body is designed to create symptoms to let us know that illness is part of wellness and is functionally guiding us to make change. The bodies wisdom is profound. The more we live in the amygdala the more we seek. Psychiatrist Gerry Welsh stated: “When you have a big enough dream, you don’t have a crisis”. When we live a life which is not inspired and we do not have purpose, goals , dream and legacy, we will naturally have more stress and illness.

People sell you fantasies, it’s a lot easier than selling the truth. Finding the truth in life sets you free and helps you heal, and love is something that is true. Master your life, take command of your brain, then watch the transformation of your life. Healing in your business, relationships and yourself will help you do extraordinary things. When I help other people get what they want in their life, it helps me get what I want in my life. This is known as passing the torch, we can then inspire friends and relatives.

The more you live in your amygdala, you live by seeking what is unattainable . You live with anxiety rather than inspiration. More objectivity, more appreciation for life, less judgment, more resilience and more adaptability. The wisest approach is to love and appreciate. The vitality of your life is based upon what you love and your vision. Your vision becomes crystal clear when you are living by priority. If you don’t live by priority, you are unsure of your identity. Your body will create symptoms till you start to dissolve the valances and judgements. Don’t go through life with Monday morning blues, Thank god it’s Friday and living for the weekend.

The body and mind are constantly receiving signals through the amygdala. When we learn to forgive, we wipe the slate clean so other things can come in.

How many of us can look in the mirror and say: ‘I love you?’ We can transform our life, our wellbeing to become pro-active and living with foresight rather than hindsight. There is so much more to learn than we have been taught. A Nobel prize winner said it really well: “We know so much that’s isn’t so. We’ve been misguided misinformed, because of commercial objectives”.


Dr.John Martinee

Louis Hay