Whether you are a professional footballer, Joe Bloggs or a little old woman. You can only get out of a movement program by what you put in by your daily lifestyle, choices and habits.  Having a proper evaluation of the bodies systems will show your areas of weakness and strength.

Clients predominantly enquire to me to improve their movement patterns and core strength. If we want champion league results we will look at root causes rather than symptoms.

Everyone has a different biomotor abilities and need. Bio means life and motor means movement.

The biometor abilities are:

  1. Speed
  2. Agility
  3. Flexibility
  4. Strength
  5. Power
  6. Co-ordination
  7. Endurance
  8. Balance

So for example a bio-motor profile of a professional football player would be different to a power lifter. As the demands on a score of 1-10  will vary as both involve different profile moves. Even if  you sit in an office all day it is so important to work out your  stress load so that you can start to condition for life with health first.

Any sport specific conditioning is a threat to the bodies systems. If you don’t have optimal posture you will have muscle imbalance syndrome. This means the body is not ready for that specific sports program.

Those clients who embark on the CHEK one to one program with me are taken through an advanced program design program. This means we look at the level required and where the base line of the client is starting from. Base line health is looking at the internal systems. All glands and organs talk to the body, as they talk to the connective tissue. Anytime there is stress in an organ, the blood supply is restricted to the muscles as its priority is to get to the organs and glands that need it the most. The waste removal in these organs is then applied to these areas.

If you are going to do any sort of intensive training with poor quality organs and glands you will get poor quality results. ‘Life is movement’, published in 1920 by Eugene Sandow stated that “No man can achieve optimal strength until his glands and organs are healthy”.

The purpose of the core, power house and bandha is to stabilise the spine, head and neck complex so they can optimally work as a team with your arms and legs. Any issue in the feet, knees and hips or wrists, elbows and shoulders should be assessed in conjunction with the core (including the organs glands and breathing patterns. The amount of injuries in football are because of the asymmetrical load, forces through the lumbar spine and excessive torsion that this sport requires. Hence Paul Cheks quote “You cannot fire a canon from a canoe”. Your core is responsive to your internal organs and we need to train the body to handle the loads. On the hierarchy of survival it is always organs first before muscles. Diets that inflame your gut like gluten, food additives, chemicals, stabilisers, preservatives, alcohol and coffee are going to produce inflammation which in turn switch off your abdominal wall, which destabilises the spine.

Rebuild the body from the inside out

When we are in pain, compensatory patterns, imbalances, muscles and joints talk to the rest of the body. A preconditioning exercise that you can do is 4 point tummy vacuum. Click the link to watch.

Conscious competency is having the awareness to program the nervous system using neuromuscular reactivation exercises. Four tips to be an optimal athlete, parent or little old lady are:

  1. Eat good food so that you do not inflame the gut
  2. Do a corrective stretch program so that you restore your tissues
  3. Mobilise joints and spinal joints so that all the strictures work properly.
  4. Work from isolation into integration. This ensures you are building the system progressively so you have motor intelligence and motor vocabulary

When you are in good health and optimal, these habits will become unconscious competency which take you to the champions league.


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