Life is all about cycles of birth and death. In the last year, we’ve gone from a population of:

67,886,011 in 2020, to 68,142,752 in 2021(…/uk-population/).

So here is the truth that so many of us do not want to hear. In the last year, 650,000 hospital admissions could have been prevented through proper exercise and nutrition. The frustration is that government funded fast food outlets and food companies were allowed to continue producing what is utterly damaging to our human system and the planet during lockdown and now. Did you know that our taxes go towards these subsidised companies? Money talks and always will. The sad part is that it’s the bottom of society that will and is suffering the most, and there is an ever growing gap between rich and poor.

Social deprivation: “There is evidence from the UK, North America and Europe that people who live in areas of socio-economic deprivation have higher rates of emergency admissions, after adjusting for other risk factors. In the UK, admission rates are significantly correlated with measures of social deprivation (Majeed et al 2000). Socio-demographic variables explain around 45 per cent of the variation in emergency admissions between GP practices, with deprivation more strongly linked to emergency than to elective admission (Reid et al 1999; Duffy et al 2002). Practices serving the most deprived populations have emergency admission rates that are around 60–90 per cent higher than those serving the least deprived populations (Blatchford et al 1999; Purdy et al 2010a)”1.

So many of us are desperate to rid ourselves from our next health and pain challenge. So much so that we are always on the lookout for the NEXT BIG THING that’s going to cure us of our problems. Our health starts with the food chain and that brings us to the soil. Recent research says that we have about 50 years left of fertile topsoil if we keep going at this trajectory. That means no soil to grow food and that’s really bad news. Hence commercial farming and seizing of farmland and seeds is big business. This comes at an expense in many lives.

Transactional Analysis also involves the identification of the ego states behind each and every transaction. Berne defined an ego state as a consistent pattern of feeling and experience directly related to a corresponding consistent pattern of behavior. 2. Berne went on to describe 3 ego states:1. Parent – taught concept. Child – felt concept. Adult – learned concept Berne, Eric. Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy.

Very few of us take adult responsibility (Eric Berne). This is because of our conditioning and environment. We are taught transactional analysis, meaning we play the child (without knowing it) and wait for someone else to take charge as a parent adult role, make the decisions and being accountable for our health and lifestyle. The image to the right is from the NHS, yet this is not the system taught to us by governments, schooling, social conditioning and the NHS itself. Functional and integrated medicine is leading the way yet again with diet and lifestyle being the foundations of good health; medicine is essential of course but follows second

‘Rich dad; poor dad’ – author Robert Kiyoski tells us that money management is purposely not taught so that we have a society trapped in the credit system. We keep the poor poor and the rich rich. Finding true health means embarking on your own Hero’s Journey.

“The main reason why people struggle with financial problems is because they spend several years in school but learn nothing about money and investments. The result is that people learn to work at the service of money… but never learn to put money to work for them”. Robert Kiyoski

You don’t learn to become rich at school. The gap which is currently widening between the richest and the poorest is not due to chance. The educational system, such as it is has built today.

It does not allow this gap to be reduced. Its primary objective is to teach you to enter the working world as it already exists, and therefore, to allow you to become a very good employee, not a very good employer – and that makes all the difference.  Neither does the current educational system teach about the basics of managing personal finances that have allowed the rich to build their wealth.

Maybe, you have a food sensitivity problem (Dr. Diet), your emotions are getting in the way (Dr. Happy) or it could be your gut is trying to tell you something (Dr. Diet).

“Responsibility for your good health begins and ends with you and not a drug.” Paul Chek

As a human race and nation, we have the ability to live in harmony with each other, help each other solve problems, support through tribe and community those who are less fortunate and struggling.

Inflammation and disease

The cause of all disease is inflammation at the cellular level. Although intermittent increases in inflammation are critical for survival during physical injury and infection, recent research has revealed that certain social, environmental and lifestyle factors can promote systemic chronic inflammation.

Dr.Keith Nemec is one of the many leading scientists and doctors to back this up to. Whether you have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, or Alzheimers, it all starts with inflammation at the cellular level, which leads to either early cell death translating into specific organ or gland disease, or into cancer stem cell stimulation, which fuels cancer cell growth and metastasis. Disease cannot be resolved by looking at the disease and trying to cure it, Nemec says. Rather, providers must focus on the environment that allows disease to form and changing that instead.

“If you put garbage on your driveway it will attract flies,” says Nemec. “If you want to get rid of the flies how many cans of insecticide will you need? The answer is infinite because no matter how many flies you kill, more will come because you have an environment (the garbage) that enables them to grow. When you change the environment (get rid of the garbage) the flies will be gone and so will the disease, all disease.”

All cells need four basic elements to live and thrive, Nemec says—oxygen in, water in, food in, and waste products out. “If these are done on a timely basis, the cells will live very long,” he said.

The human body was designed to live well over a hundred years in health, but this can only be achieved when these four elements are efficiently maintained, said Nemec.  If there is a breakdown of any of these four at the cellular level, this is when inflammation, the precursor to all disease, begins.

Ideal disease treatment does not rely on drugs, and instead incorporates biochemical, bioelectrical, mechanical, and mental/emotional energies to heal the body, according to Nemec’s website. Topics to address with patients include balancing mind, body and spirit, breathing techniques, water, food, sleep, exercise, fasting/detoxification, and prayer, meditation, or mindfulness practices.

So what are we saying?

We are sending confusing signals. It is well documented the immune system starts in the gut (mouth to anus) including teeth. The image below is taken form a December 2019 research paper.

Another 2019 research paper ‘Chronic inflammation in the etiology of disease across the life span’ tells us that diet, lifestyle, sleep, pollutants, physical activity, trauma, social, cultural, pregnancy environment all cause changes in cell metabolism.

‘A prominent feature of this phenotype is increased secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines and other pro-inflammatory molecules from cells. Senescent cells expressing this phenotype can in turn promote a multitude of chronic health conditions and diseases, including insulin resistance, CVD, pulmonary arterial hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, emphysema, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, macular degeneration, osteoarthritis and cancer’. 3

Finding true health means embarking on your own Hero’s Journey. Once you take those first few steps on that journey to investigate your problem, you learn pretty quickly that acne isn’t the only health issue you’re working on. Maybe, you have a food sensitivity problem (Dr. Diet), your emotions are getting in the way (Dr. Happy) or it could be your gut is trying to tell you something (Dr. Diet).

“Responsibility for your good health begins and ends with you and not a drug.” Paul Chek

 What are you willing to do about it?


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