There will never be a right time…..

It’s always the way isn’t, there will never be a right time, to move to a new house, change jobs, finish a relationship, start a new hobby, take up a sport, start that healthy eating programme, tackle that niggling injury, change your body, give up smoking, stop drinking, reduce simple carbs and the list goes on…….

“Don’t wait. The time will NEVER be just right.” In his words above, Napoleon highlights a habit many of us share, waiting until circumstances are “right” to go forth and do what we want/need/have to do.

Change is painful. Do it anyway…..

Chances are this life choice will bring change. Humans love routine and change can be scary. However, it is necessary because it brings personal growth that we wouldn’t have if we just stayed in the same place. Change is overbearing, but you know what is even more daunting? Not trying. As the old saying goes “You’ll never know if you never try.”

Enjoy your journey……

If you are reading this then I hope this has inspired, you to reach inside yourself and take a leap of faith. You are truly capable and deserving to get anything in life that you choose to go and get. I encourage you to enjoy the journey because while life’s timing will never be right, you are.

You see when you have a better body and mindset, the time is always right.

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Nisha (TheTimeIsRight)

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