Fear cannot exist without courage. We need fear to grow. Most of our fears are poor mind management.

Question: How can you live a courageous life that you love?  

Answer: By Living a life that demonstrates your core values and belief systems.

Most of us are worried about swimming in the river, because of the bends. We want it to swim in a straight line. We panic if we get in and the currant takes us somewhere where we don’t want to go. But this is what I see and witness, most people sitting on the side critiquing others who have taken the plunge or resenting the people who are in that river.

Transformation of your body, business, relationships and life is not a spectator sport. You have to be prepared to get into the arena with the lions and take risk . Procrastination is simply a demonstration of fear. Overwhelm is a demonstration of fear. Fear is that there are enough resources, opportunities, money, people……

Worry means you are scared of the outcome. Lack of progress in your body, business, relationships and life means you are letting fear get in the way of inspiration. You are living egocentric instead of ethnocentric.

When you don’t feel fulfilled, you don’t have the courage to take charge. When we overthink, we play the same story: ‘If I could have only done something different”. Living in our inner child – means we never take adult responsibility. We need permission to make every decision. We won’t make choices unless everyone supports us join our actions.

Most fears are simply projections. Real fear is physical harm and danger. Confuse discomfort with anxiety and danger, hence living in permanent danger. Real fear is physical and mental harm. We confuse anxiety and discomfort as fear.

There are three types of discomfort and pain:

  1. Pain of loss – Am I going to miss out on something else if I do this. Am I going to miss losing family and friends with my choices, decisions and status? Will I lose respect from everyone if I quit my job, relationship and comfort zone?
  2. Pain of the process – It’s too much hard work, I don’t want to priorities my resources on something which is out of my comfort zone. It’s easier to stay the same than it is to change. I may lose money and be wasting my time
  3. Pain of the outcome – It may not work. What can I gain? What can I lose? I am projecting the scarcity mindset into losing energy, outcomes, status and the process.

When you take a chance in life you learn by the process of doing the work. Most people won’t start a business or a body transformation because of the insecurity or any discomfort that may arise. We all want the pleasure but never want the pain.

Saying YES to one thing, means you will need to say NO to another.



Paul Mort Inner circle