We all know that diet and lifestyle changes make us feel better, fitter, stronger and leaner.
But why is it so hard to do???
1. Firstly 95% of our behaviour is unconscious and to access that 5% of consciousness, we really have to be in good health and not dumbed down by poor diet and lifestyle.
2. As functional medicine will tell you, there is no conspiracy. We are sold quick fixes from big pharma rather than looking at root causes. This is not to throw the baby out with the bath water. We need big pharma for emergencies, but they are hopeless with diet and lifestyle education and intervention.
3. Big corporations give lots to money to governments and often what we are seeing through media is biased due the funding source. This includes many media outlets and medical research papers too.
4. We are sold the child/parent relationship. This is known as transactional analysis. So someone else always knows what is best for us. This includes everything from our health to our daily choices. We play the eternal child waiting for someone else to do the work (Carl Jung).
So we have the ability to change all of the above. This is when we have the right tools in the tool box, including knowledge, education and accountability.
You see I really care about health and the people. In-fact so much so that my training costs have exceeded 55K.
My biggest questions to people are :
1. If what you are doing is working, why are you in the same situation?
2. What have you done and tried that has worked and not worked?
3. How much time, money, energy and resources are you currently spending on solving the problem?
4. If we are having this conversation 12 months on, what would you want to be telling me?
My method of health works for me at 51 years. I learnt slowly what to do and how to change. I could not do it alone and needed people who were more equipped than me. I still to this day invest time, energy and resources into people who can help me get better and reach my full potential. I cannot influence others if I am not changing and growing myself.
You see when you are in better health you can live your life more.
So if you want to upgrade your body, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, DM me your email #Preventionisbetterthancure for details.
Nisha (Preventionisbetterthancure)
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