Why is it that we feel happy, inspired, excited and enthusiastic yet other times we feel angry, jealous, sad, overwhelmed and depressed???
We are all too quick to blame someone or something for the way we feel in life. As soon as we say: “I feel”, we give our power away. Easier said than done, and even harder with family members or those you have some sort of relationship with. Now I am not saying to suppress feeling and emotion. Neither am I saying that behaviour or what has happened is acceptible.
I am saying to change the perspective, the same as a photographer changing their lens.
This means you are not operating from a polarised view.
This is something I learned off Dr.John Martini; “Your emotions were due to an imbalance of your perceptions and that you can change your emotions just by changing the mathematical ratio of your perceptions? The more you learn the art of balancing your perceptions, the more you’ll become a master of your emotions and your life. This ability is called your emotional intelligence.”
When you learn to develop gratitude and manage the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex or the executive centre. You won’t experience the same drama, pain and suffering. This pre-frontal cortex is responsible for clarity, objective thinking, resilience and adaptability.
If you can master this, you are onto a win with your body and mind physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The majority of people go through life not learning these skills and as a result oscillate through time feeling happy then sad, angry then pleased and they live on a seesaw of emotions through time.

They often lack clarity of vision and feel an ongoing frustration with many aspects of their life. I see this often at the studio and recognise this is a place that I was once at myself. When things are going wrong, I now have the tools in my toolbox to not go back into these poor learned behaviours which did not serve me and took me further away from my vision, mission and legacy.
You see I believe we all have the ability to be some sort of athlete or genius. Now I do not mean partaking in the Olympics but discovering that life is from the inside out. Finding opportunity, power and the spirit from inside and what you do with it……..
Listening to this powerful and challenging podcast with Dr.Edith Egar and Dr.Rangan Chattergee definitely puts things into real perspective. https://drchatterjee.com/auschwitz-survivor-reveals-the…/
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