Over the summer I have not closed my studio for holidays, like many others have. I have been constantly running rehab, one to one or semi private sessions. I’ve had a variety of clients ranging from sports performance to chronic pain. It can be isolating working alone or not having a peer group moving in the same direction as you. Having someone to be accountable to gives you discipline to help you achieve your dreams by enriching your own life, so you can enrich others too.
Our studios empower clients to raise their state so they can contribute and help more people in the world.
You see, movement is so under-estimated. We could actually reduce over three quarters of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional problems worldwide by looking at what we are putting in our bodies, digestive system and mind.
The result would be a better relationship with the self which in turn will pass on to others.
To sum it up, making an impact critically involves not turning a blind eye to our world’s problems and making your (even small) contribution towards a better future.
There are many ways to make an impact on the world. Some are:
1. Feed someone.
2. Become a mentor.
3. An act of kindness.
4. Pick up trash.
5. Volunteer.
6. Tutor someone.
7. Recycle, upcycle and use pre-loved.
8. Listen.
9. Shop with companies that save the planet and have an ethical view.
10. Use apps that give back.
11. Run an errand.
And so many more…….
So if you’re ready to make an impact on yourself and others. DM me with your email and cell.
In the meantime. Here is three ways I can help you:
1.Join me for my 6-week discovery face to face private and semi-private course. Taking you through the fundamentals of movement on all the apparatus. You will build mobility and flexibility using the tower, Core strength using the reformer and traction of the major joints using the Garuda sling. DM your email and #6weekdiscovery
2. Access over 250 sequences using Pilates, yoga, functional movement with our Online TV Channel: ‘The Art of Pilates’. Sign up here: https://www.pilatesmanchester.com/pilates-tv-channel/
3. Claim your free back-care class recording. DM your email and #Freebackcareclass