I have many new enquiries from clients and want to be teachers recently.
You may be suffering from back pain, want to lose weight, give up smoking, stop drinking, leave a relationship (personal or work), start a new career or stop suffering from emotional/mental health issues.
Well this is thing; if what you are doing is working, why are you getting the same result?
As Byron Katy would say: “Is that true?”
Dr.John Martinee and Joe Dispenza will tell you that you are in charge of you. The life we lead is an illusion till you break free and apply the tools.
In a world of increasing disease and suffering more than ever, it is obvious that a different approach and strategy are needed . The three things below is what I witness the most.
1. Most people tell me they want to lose weight and have tried many programs before. But 95% of diets fail with 97% put on the weight plus more.
2. A NCIB research paper Tell us that 64% of patients treated by surgery still took opioids, and although 64% returned to work, 53% had been working before surgery.
3. Everyone wants to be self-employed, but few are willing to put in the hours, time, weekends and evenings to get the business to where it should be. Starting a business means to risk a high failure rate. 20% of businesses fail in their first year and around 60% will go bust within their first three years. Any successful business or person rarely shows all the problems behind any business. You just see the rosy result.
This may be uncomfortable to hear, but if you are living a life of frustration, sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness, anger or if you’re experiencing any distracting emotion that may come to your mind right now – it’s because you’ve chosen to see only one side of a situation instead of learning how to manage your perceptions, which gives you the power to balance and thereby dissolve your unfulfilling emotions.
You have got to be prepared to go inwards before seeing the results outwards in life. This goes for the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Change is a choice, not a reaction. Don’t wait for things to get so bad before changing your story.
The number one thing I advise everyone to do, is to work on themselves first before working on others.
When looking at the things and people you’re judging about in your life, you might immediately default to the story in your head about why your life is the way it is. Perhaps you’re inclined to blame your past or the actions or inactions of people in your life (boss, schooling, parents). It takes a lot of effort to break free from the story of our past. Our environment is everything and we can change to what comes in through our mind what comes in through our eyes, ears, and mouth. We put too much time and attention into the blame game. The more we repeat our story, the more is gets set in stone. Hence the word: ‘Spelling’. You are literally casting your own spell.
Put your attention into the future instead of the past. Every time you repeat your past story, you make it more solid in stone.
Easier said than done, right?
This is why I coach teachers and clients and receive coaching and more education myself. If I am taking any advice or medical expertise off anyone. I look to see if that person is walking the walk and talking the talk. When we are in good health ourselves, we make better choices in life and our relationship with the self and others. You are 42% more likely to a change if you write and draw things down.
Epictetus, a Greek philosopher once said, “When we start out on our journey, we blame others, when we go further in our journey, we blame ourselves, when we finally master our life, we realize there’s nothing to blame.”
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