Last weekend I indulged in some homemade scones, jam and clotted cream. It was earthy, appropriate and I have no regrets regardless what people might think.
But this is the thing. It is in moderation, it’s simple sugars and simple carbs which is the most inflammatory. I was on holiday in Salisbury and wanted to sit in the museum garden and ponder the birds and the trees. I craved it and enjoyed the moment. It would not of chosen it had it been mass produced. It was the best quality that I could chose in the circumstances. The rest of the time I am choosing whole foods and not processed. I make sure I have accountability by having my own trainer, coach and mentor.
People are always telling me the negatives but never the positives in their lives…….
·      People tell me that they are not ready to come to the studio because they fear what they could lose rather than what they could gain
·      They don’t want the pain of getting in shape in the body and mind
·      They are still playing the inner child and seek verification off everyone else on why not to come
·      It’s going to be too much effort and expenditure, yet they have the effort and expenditure is in hospital appointments, cueing at drug stores, poor diet and lifestyle and seeking more doctors
·      It’s going to be too much struggle
·      The time is inconvenient
·      They don’t have the energy
·      They don’t have the financial resources, yet they have the resources for everything else that makes them more inflamed and less driven.
The truth
You can take back control of your body and mindset when you are ready to become a responsible adult. You can do this by having accountability from a trainer/coach or mentor who is walking the walk and talking the talk.
When you start seeing the results in your body and mind, you will invest further. If you want to get to the destination, you got to put in the work . You got to learn to make better choices. You got to learn to say ‘NO’.
If you put your mind and body in the right environment like a plant, it will grow.
Best Wishes
Nisha ‘Scone, jam & clotted cream
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