This is for all the marketing agencies, manual and movement therapists that keep contacting me on how to build a profit making Pilates business.
Well I have to tell you the truth.
No business is plain sailing, we should expect ups and downs, like life.
The media is full of fear and scaremongering, there is always something to worry about, isn’t there?
Now I am not saying bury your head in the sand and ignore inflation.
The question is, are you offering an average or outstanding service?
Do you have the right mindset to handle the problems to come?
This could be in your business or private/personal life.
That’s why more than ever before, it’s so important to prepare your studio and skills, by putting a plan for keeping you out of financial hardship, and on the road to financial freedom.
Clients will no longer tolerate average results.
Your teachers and therapists must be able to design highly valuable and desirable treatment programmes that keep people progressing all the way to the final session.
The cost to acquire a customer is rising and this means you will either have to tolerate making even less profit or make a change to your ‘belief system’ to ensure you increase your customer lifetime value ethically.
You must have all your team moving the same direction and working towards your vision. There have never been so much FREE resources out there. You can get more information than ever from the library, podcasts, YouTube and social media.
But the hard part is putting it into place and having accountability and learning from someone who has been in the same boat.
After all the black belt has more hours or training than the white belt.
For those teachers and therapists who are ready to go to the next level. DM me for my virtual and online anatomy course. Details being released soon.
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