Did you know that we spend and waste too much time and energy on other people? Their behaviour, their actions, their words, thoughts and deeds.

So this is really IMPORTANT.

I am not excusing people’s behaviour here or accepting it. However people’s behaviour is reflection of where they are, what they are, and how they are dealing with life at the present moment.

We know from a whole-body approach that what we think in the mind, has an adverse effect on the body. Emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, blame, guilt, shame, sadness are held in the body and organs. This is nothing new and goes back to Chinese medicine.

A 2022 research study from By Maris Pasquale, LMSW; Nadia Murphy, LCSW stated ; “ Pain is influenced by emotions, and the cycle of pain and emotions are interrelated. Emotions may directly impact physical changes as well. For example, when you are anxious or angry, your muscles may tighten, and that physical change may contribute to increased pain”.1

You see this what I know after dealing with Joe Bloggs, pro athletes, chronic pain, dis-ease, sports injuries and some of the best football and rugby medical professionals in the world. You can have the best rehab program, the best medical drug, the best facility…..however it is hard to sustain or even gain the results, if the belief system stays the same. As above so is below.

The first step of healing is awareness. Having awareness and a different reaction and perception to other people, is a shift in mindset. It’s always important to have a purpose and goal and establish our top five core values. If the top five core values are not aligned with where you want to go. You have to prepared to look at what you are prepared to do to get to your dream.

Every-time we put blame, attention and judgement onto other people. There is one finger pointing at them and three pointing back at us. People that step up with their body, parenting skills, a worker or a business owner take responsibility as an adult and stop blaming everyone else.

When we get tired of telling the same story, we either repeat the same behaviour which is ‘INSANITY’, or we take action in order to get the result. You see we cannot change what is going on around us, but we can change how we chose to deal and react. Everything we create in our life is a result of our what’s going on internally. Our outside world always reflects the internal.

We can deal with our reaction and perception by being in better health. This means not be tired, exhausted, wired, dehydrated, breath, and nutrient deficient. We all know how sleep deprivation effects are mood and behaviour. You cannot put diesel into a petrol engine and then wonder why it does not work.

So the problem is not other people, it’s our thoughts about other people. Again this is not excusing their behaviour for a minute. It’s just that friction creates stress. We are not the star of anyone else’s show. We need to take action in order to get the results we want. By this I mean working on ourselves rather than trying to change the people around you. Always lead by example.

Clients and teachers tell me that they don’t have confidence. But you have to prepared to do the things in order to gain confidence. This means consistency, not giving up, opting out or making excuses. Self-belief, capability and courage will then come as a result of repeated practice.

So really, it’s about YOU not THEM. So you can embark on your body and mindset change alone which is the slow hard way or you can take the faster route and have accountability, coaching and guidance by someone who is already walking the walk and talking the talk like myself.

So if you are ready to SHOW UP in life. DM me your email and cell and let’s start your #changenegativity journey today.


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