What’s your biggest pain or problem right now with your body? When would you like to get a handle on it?

We need the will, not the strength. Am I willing to do the work to get the results I want in my body? Shift your energy and emotion to something positive. Create a mission that electrifies you, stop focusing on the past and what’s gone wrong. What you focus on will grow. Raise your state. For lasting change, focus on your input and what you will do with the information. Don’t work on the output, work on the input. Your mind will adapt to the environment you put it in. It’s the ant and the elephant.

Perform like a professional, take the identity of a person who is a professional. A person with a six pack, has prepped all weekend on their food and workout and already done the work. White belts have not showed up enough times to get the hours on. Handle your thoughts about the expectation. What is happiness for you? People make decisions about what’s best for them, it’s never about us. People are a mirror and mirror back things that lie within us. If you are not getting the results you want in your body. Ask yourself, am I am doing  everything right. What would happen if I got someone else in to help with the problem. ? We create emotion and scarcity.

You should be getting better as you get older, not worse. Execute a plan of action, see some progress, then when we have a life event, we won’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. Our state of our body and mind is always the key for motivation. We all procrastinate on our health, diets, disease and relationships. If we don’t take action, we feel terrible?? If we don’t journal or plan, we end up with a life of what we don’t want rather than what we do want. I prepared I planned . High level preparation to have a world class time. Prepping your mind and attention is everything.

A to do list is for amateurs, journaling and planning are for professionals.

Where does everything start??? It’s the feelings of  scarcity and abundance. Rather than what can I get, to what can I give. Urgency is getting stuff done. Most of our thoughts are negative. Elite level results require elite level people who don’t want to stay where they are. I am interested in coaching and empowering people so that that we can all influence everyone around us. I prepared, I planned . High levels of preparation. Preparing your mind and attention.

Elite level results means elite level preparation.

When I am taking clients I don’t want people who want to stay where they are? I am encouraging growth not negativity, better questions, better focus. All we want is to feel better. The most intimate relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Common denominator is to be able to reflect to the self. The more visible you become, the more people  you have to deal with. Our biggest challenge in life is our thoughts about others,  what they think, did, said, done, not feeling supported. Become a master of relationships with yourself first. Save energy, time, success, money by doing your own self work. The higher the spirituality that we climb the less things we need  to be stimulated by. Most of our suffering is down to our thoughts and concepts about other people. When they don’t match, we get friction.

Relationships with our body our down to our relationships with our food.  We become disempowered by thoughts and feelings from others. Many people are not living the life of their terms because so and so has not supported them. We think they should/shouldn’t and get cross when these don’t match our expectations. We then trigger a low levelled vibration which is negative energy. Unpleasant emotions. Hurt, frustration.

Lowering our expectations, this is what you expect. Frustration/irritation- embarrassed. Guilt, shame, resentment, dislike. What are your options to get a handle on these emotions? Come to an agreement, this is what I expect, what would you like to add. Compassion, gratitude, finding  arson to be grateful for their actions. Having compassion for someone is an incredible skill.

Practice- putting in the training, reps, skill, rehearsal. People behaviour show their level of training. Everything we do is because we want to feel better. I want to feel better, more happiness, training the skill of compassion, their behaviour is a limitation of trauma.

Most people can’t trust themselves to what they may or may not can do. People will always do what’s best for them. Resentment is one sided, it’s a biased view, are things happening to you or for you. Perception is down to our imagination. There is no positive without negatives. Light, follows day. There are always two sides to a story. When you blame someone or something, it is all based on our perception.

We cannot love anything or anyone till you love yourselves. I can’t love my life and expect no challenge or support. Easy to point out negative traits in people than it is in ourselves. Supercharge your energy and stay on touch all year round.  Have the motivation- the drive, the desire, the ambition, can you add value to people’s lives. If we have enough reasons to change you will do it.

When we starts something new, there is always a rush of adrenaline, enthusiasm , as times goes by our optimism dwindles  it becomes easy to quit, give up and put money into something that gives you an easier life.

Diet and exercise – Ooh I’ll try again on Monday. Most of us don’t get to the end goal. We quit when it’s hard, because its inconvenient. Commit to push thru. You know what is required to do the job. Most people don’t even commit long enough to see the result. If you lower your expectations you won’t experience emotions such as frustration, irritation, guilt, shame, resentment and embarrassment.

What are your options to get a handle  on these emotions ? Can you come to an agreement? This is what I expect, what would you like to add  to come to this agreement.

Compassion, gratitude, finding a reason to be grateful for your actions.

Getting compassion for each other is an incredible skill and tool. In order to get the results we want in life.

We need to put in the trainings, reps and skill. People’s behaviour always reveals their level of trauma. Everything we do in life is always because we want to feel better and more happiness. Train the skill of compassion, our behaviours the limitations of trauma. Most people can’t trust themselves to what they may or may not do. People will always do what’s best for them. Resentment  is always a one-sided biased view, things happening to you instead of for you. The victim archetype is constant pain. Perception is  down to our imagination. There is no positive without a negative. Light follows dark, Day follows night.

Have an open feel to all sides of the story. When you blame someone or something you give all of your power away. Whether its good, bad , right or wrong it’s our perception. I can’t love my life if it is not challenging and supportive at the same time. Be sure of your actions and intentions. Our core values in life come from our thoughts. We are responsible for our reactions and relationships. Our perceptions are down to our imagination. A decision is made in our head. A regret means you can only see the negative sides of things

Love unconditionally, love yourself, have love for others….


Paul Mort – Unstoppable prime