So this is my 30 plus years’ experience of teaching in the movement industry.
I worked for years waiting on tables and doing bar work in nightclubs. I worked the beauty counter for Dior selling male and female fragrance every Christmas as a student. I’ve also managed yoga and pilates studios for years, selling everything from hot yoga, pilates teacher training to juices and coconut water. People will spend on alcohol, food and fragrance without a thought to feel good but are not willing to put in their money in their reps, sets and loads in order to maintain an optimal body.
This is a great example of how most of our society views investing in their health. People will drop over £100 per month on coffee and cake, and hundreds more on drinking and eating out. Yet not want to spend £100 on a movement and coaching membership that will keep them pain free long term.
Women will spend more on nails, hair and clothes and men will spend more on their cars, than they will on doing the hard work. This is because we all want the quick fix. We are programmed for instant gratification through medication or consumerism.
And then we all wonder why we don’t feel good, are still unhappy, still complaining or aren’t reaching our goals. We have not changed our input, so the output stays the same.
We spend hours scrolling on our phones, watching rubbish, being fearmongered by mainstream media or Netflix and but don’t have enough time to read, meditate or go for a walk.
Your actions show where your priorities are, not your thoughts and ideas.
If you’re having a difficult time making changes to your health, happiness,
relationships, business, whatever, take a look at what you’re investing in.
Not just with your money, but your energy, time and/or attention.
The more you give to yourself, the more you’ll get back. You deserve to have
everything you desire and nobody else is going give it to you but YOU.
YOU are responsible for your own body.
If you’re worried about the price of getting started, you should see the cost of staying exactly where you are. As I always say to prospective clients , if what you are doing is working, what are you having to make this phone call.
Movement, hydration, sleep, nutrition, thinking and breathing all are the foundations of health. There is no medicine that will ever replace a diet and lifestyle change.
Can you do it??? Only you can decide. You are in charge of your destiny and your future. Be the pilot of your body……………………..