Our daily habits are stopping us make diet and lifestyle changes for the better. There is no medication that will ever equal a diet and lifestyle change. We just don’t stretch ourselves enough. Life is about a growth centered experience and we should expect discomfort. We all want to stay in our comfort zones and when discomfort arises we go into low level emotions which are blame, anger, scarcity, guilt, jealousy, fear, and shame to name but a few.

Anyone who has avoided discomfort in life, for example doing exercise or making the sales call, has ended up uncomfortable anyway. As you know once we give up exercise habits it won’t show initially , but will show later down the way. If I avoid making sales call in order to market my business and get new customers. I will end up having to do it anyway, when the business does not generate revenue to survive.  Our mouth is the periscope of the stomach and our mind is the periscope of our whole body. Process’s must be in place. If you know how to achieve your goal and what you want to become in the process, you have a better chance of achieving it.

Who do you have to become in order to get the job, earn that money, win that race???? Rest is a pre-requisite for exceptional performance. The only difference between a white belt and a black belt is that the black belts have not given up.

Fear is poor mind management. What would have to be in place for this job to be worthwhile. Create long term change. Have  purpose and meaning in life. Everything works, but only if you work on it. Lasting change means having a target for a fixed period of time. Have a mission that fills you with fire.

If you don’t have anything to move towards, there is no goal, so if you are not going forwards you end up going backwards and not moving towards your passion. We are always creating our reality; our outer world reflects our inner commitments. The results of your life are how you feel, they reflect back to us in daily scenarios. We are always creating exactly what we are committed to. If we start to change what we do, we will get a different result. If you change you’re output and input , you have a chance of getting what you want. So your output could  be exercising, learning, reacting but will then step up. Outputs is what happens, inputs is the information in the program.  People don’t succeed, have not changed their environment, therefore everything stays the same.  So you may lose that 3 stones, but if everything around you is there ready to throw you back you , you will end up at square one. Output changes, but input stays the same.

5% of our behaviour is conscious,  95% is unconscious. Most of us put garbage in and expect to get Michelin stars out.  You are the quality of your information that you are programming each day.  The Environment will always beat  your mind. You will adapt to the surroundings you are out put in. You will modify your behaviour to the people around you. If you don’t take charge of your input, you will always get what you’ve always gotten. Put your body in a sauna and it will sweat. Create lasting change, get around people who are doing the same or better.

Our peer group is powerful. The law of conformity means that many people will go through life with no future, blaming other people and circumstances.  Make a future map that will excite you.

Our default mode is where we go if we keep our blindfold on and have forgotten our direction.  Hence why addicts go back to the same habits. Every day we want to stay glued to our current circumstances, we complain but don’t take action to change.

Change your environment, keep vision in your awareness. What am I really committed to at this moment? Will this decision propel me forwards or will it keep me glued to my circumstances? Don’t make choices on mood and emotion. The more conscious you become the less reaction on emotions you will show.

Not having a vision, means you leave life to luck and chance.

Set your environment up every day and every night to win. Every decision that you make, keep in mind the end goal. Put your destination in the sat nav and each day check you are getting closer to it. Have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, one, three and five year vision. When you get a blackbelt don’t stop training. Take the next challenging option to get you even further. Repetition is the mother of all skill. Keep repeating your exercise, your diet, you’re reps and you will get the results you want.

We all need some help and assistance in life with theses skills. I have my own trainer to make sure that I am accountable. I have helped and inspired so many people. I can’t help you change your body until you decide to work with me. I’ve over 30 years’ experience of working with chronic pain, postural problems, rehab and expert performance. I work with men and women who are ready to get their body together.


Paul Mort – Prime Unstoppable