Lateral sling sytem

It was great to be back at Garuda

I mentioned it in Thursdays newsletter about ‘what people MIGHT think’ That I was back at Garuda Pilates studio for the first time in what felt like forever Was great to be back on those amazing machines of James de Silva By the end? I was actually quite breathless, but in a good way Like,… lactic [...]

Our intentions and actions are everything……..

What’s your biggest pain or problem right now with your body? When would you like to get a handle on it? We need the will, not the strength. Am I willing to do the work to get the results I want in my body? Shift your energy and emotion to something positive. Create a mission that [...]

Input v output

Creating lasting change is hard. The truth is anybody can establish a habit or make changes for 3, 6 or 12 months but continuing them long term can be a struggle. Creating change depends on our behaviour, it’s not what we say it’s what we do. Talk is cheap, things only occur when we take [...]

Why pay more for Pilates apparatus???

How much is your health WORTH to you? WHO is responsible for your daily choices? WHO is responsible for how YOU feel and react? And can we CHANGE our perception ? (Ref: Dr.Edith Edgar Holocaust survivor) Is it the GP, consultant, hospital, government, man down the road or YOU responsible for your health?????? Are YOUR choices and priorities taking you CLOSER to health or FURTHER away??? Are you waiting for someone TO FIX [...]

Lateral sling system & Core stabilisation – Part 3

When thinking about core stability we must think about everything in the body in particular the extremities aka arms and legs. You may have an ankle injury, lower back pain and this could be stemming from the lateral system. The lateral system provides essential frontal plane stability. this is accomplished  by a force couple  action [...]

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