Have you seen the TV cult show ‘The Prisoner’???
I have come to Portmerion in Wales this weekend. A beautiful village full of flora and fauna, with some amazing buildings and history.
Patrick McGoogan the star of the show was held captive physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally in the village and by the people of the village.
He was looked upon as an outcast, an outsider, a law breaker and a free thinker.
But this is my question – In 2022 we have more dis-ease, starvation, poverty, damage to nature, pollution, drug addiction and so many other things. We are driven to consumerism and quick pharmaceutical fixes for health. The foundations of health will always be nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathwork, mindset and movement. These are rarely promoted first.
Part of being a responsible adult is taking charge of your own body, in a world that promotes the opposite of health in order to profit financially.
It is our mind that holds us back from most things in our life. Our belief system tells us we can’t, we won’t and we are not capable.
There is so much evidence going back to ancient civilisations, that every human being can become superhuman. We are all athletes with purpose, making the universe a better place.
In order to achieve these goals in 2022, we have to look at our choices, actions, habits and behaviours.
Your ‘YES’ means nothing without learning to say ‘NO’.
Are you really living to your human potential?
Is there more you could do with your body and mindset?
Are you truly content with where you are?
Are you ready to push your boundaries in your body and your mind??
If so DM me with your email and cell for details on my one to one mind and body program.
Does not matter, your age, your shape or belief system, we will start where you are…………..