‘Don’t go breaking my heart’, ‘You’re pulling on my heart strings’, ‘died of a broken heart’- These are all daily sayings or lines form famous songs, but is there any real connection and if so where does this come from?

The human predicament is not an easy one. We are caught up in the mind above and the body below. We tend to vacillate between instant consumerism gratification or sustenance in ideas. The hidden place is our connection to the self, the exploration of our 95% unconscious. The lower chakras in our body operating from our reptilian brain. The higher chakras tend to be slaves to the urges of animals that cannot be interpreted in the head alone. The animal has less head stuff to get in the way. It eats, procreates and rests when it needs to. When we are out of tune with our heart, we misinterpret feelings and emotions, meaning we will yearn for food which is a form of nurture. This can be eating all sorts of stimulants and processed rubbish, when we are actually hungry for love and deeper connection to the self. When we look externally for love, we can feel we need more sex. Yet we forget that all the sex in the world does not equal companionship, only co-dependency. We must learn to be our own companion and love ourselves first  before looking for another.

Happiness should not be that complicated, but for a lot of us, it is! The challenge for most people, as I see it, is having the willingness to connect to the deeper parts of yourself. Here is some fascinating information from the HeartMath Institute, an organization that studies how the heart works, not just physically, but how it responds to mental and emotional stimuli.

For example, one study hooked up people to very sensitive instruments and monitored how their bodies responded to seeing specific images and videos on a screen. What they learned is that the heart was always the first part of the body to respond to incoming information. Other researchers apart from the HeartMath Institute have found the heart is responsible for what’s known as precognition which means, very simply, knowing before you know.

Ever had an intuitive sense that you just know something’s going to be a good decision or a bad one, like getting in a car or not? If you’re sceptical at all, consider what your life would be like if you didn’t have that connection to your heart.

How would you live if all information was absorbed first by your brain, then into your body and consciousness without integrating with your heart? Or, how would you even operate if information never got past your body and into your consciousness? The challenge is to get past the programming that creates a never-ending feedback loop and become a conscious, whole person…

Our heart is our fourth chakra and is associated with giving and receiving love.  The age and development of this is 21-28 years. Our chakra system runs in seven year cycles. Our first seven years are about safety and security. Our second seven years are about life force energy. We learn this through the people around us. Our third seven years are about our power and self will.

Problems arise in the body through many different levels. It is impossible to disconnect the spiritual, emotional and physical side. Problems in and around the heart area in the emotional and spiritual side are linked to our ability of giving and receiving love. Problems can show up in the thymus, the lungs, the armpits, the upper back, the heart and the chest. For example the heart lies off to the left hence a heart attack tends to be felt in the left side of the body. However the heart chakra is central. Every organ has what’s called a viscera somatic reflex, meaning every organ communicates with the whole muscular skeletal system.

How effective are we at letting energy flow through our heart? What is love ? Love is the flow of energy and information through empathic connections to ourselves and others.

It is through our heart that our thoughts, ideas , judgments, beliefs and feelings are brought to our physical body. Are we loving ourself enough to make the best choices for our body?

Eat well?

Sleep well?

Move well?

The heart is the key chakra to the rest of the body. Every molecule is amazing and is a conductor of water and information. When we are in sync, we have enough energy to cultivate energy to run the body and become more creative. As the saying goes, you don’t need to like other people, you need to love other people. Love thine enemy as you would love yourself.

Who do you need to forgive this Valentines?


My anatomy dissection teacher – Julian Baker – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzQqfJlN3-U


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