If you’re reading my emails….
Listening to my daily social media
Have done one of my previous course’s
Or watch my videos…
I know a couple of thing about you… …
I know that
A- You’re interested in UPGRADING your body, improving your lifestyle or reducing pain
B- You have a LOT of information at your fingertips on HOW to do just that
Let’s face it, my friend…
We’ve NEVER had access to as much information on how to improve our lives, our mindsets, our bodies, our bank accounts
And our relationships
^^^^ tell me that isn’t true ^^^
And its FREE…
Podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, webinars, YouTube
An OCEAN of information
The problem?
99.9% off people do NOTHING with it
>> It’s almost like we’re DROWNING In information but STARVING in transformation<<
So as someone that’s experienced both my own life and body/mind transformation
And coached HUNDREDS of others to do the same (reply with ‘Pilates’ if you’d like to work with me)
I know a thing or too about body/mind transformation
So here are 3 tips:
1- Put “skin in the game”
Invest. Prioritise your body. Show YOURSELF that your serious
See when information is free? There’s nothing to lose. So we do nothing.
When we invest? We want a return. So we want to do the work
If its my program? great. Reply to this email with ‘pilates’ as the subject line and i’ll send you details
If its someone else you invest with? Great too
2- Create URGENCY
Most people are nothing but talk and have an ‘idea’ and let me tell you something
The difference between and idea and outcome is ACTION and urgency
We create urgency.. and urgency gets us to MOVE
Create some FEAR around letting someone/people down
Declare your intentions on social media
Ask your wife/husband to keep you accountable
Ask your kids
Get a peer group
Whatever it takes to create that leverage.. make it happen
Listen, if you want to work with me more personally
Inside of my St. Helens or Manchester studio
Reply with “Pilates” and I’ll get you all the information
We’ll make ALL THREE of the above happen
Nisha Srivastava (Pilates Guru)
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