The thing is we all want to live in a problem free society and problem free body. In other words a comfort-centric experience. But as we know chaos is always a wonderful opportunity to re-organise, re-invent and re-evaluate a situation.
I am going to ask you four questions today???
1) What has avoidance COST YOU in the past?
2) WHO ELSE does it impact?
(If you are still avoiding stuff and it is still impacting others, you need to think about your contribution….)
3) What will happen if you keep AVOIDING the issue?
(This is what I know, the issue you are RUNNING AWAY from will keep showing up till it eventually catches up with you. This may be your weight, smoking, health, posture, money, chronic pain, inflammation, dis-ease, anxiety, depression, relationships or your job). The CREAM always FLOATS to the TOP.
4) How much longer are you willing to TOLERATE the situation?
This is the thing I am serious about health and lifestyle. In fact I’ve invested over 55k on various education resources and course’s around the world. If I am not practicing what true health is, I should not be advising others………..I have learnt more from pain and discomfort in life than I have from pleasure.
To me health is not only our relationships with OURSELVES , but it’s our relationship with the PLANET and OTHERS.
Paul Chek a well-known movement and holistic therapist taught me the foundations. It  really is so simple, yet we over complicate things. We are driven by CONSUMERISM in every form. We our taught that true health is not obtainable by ourselves and we constantly need  the child/parent relationship (TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS). Hence school, governments and religion jump in to teach us WHAT to think rather than HOW to think.
Well here is the biggest SECRET. Get your foundations right and start taking ADULT RESPONSIBILITY and you will fly. Hippocrates, the godfather of medicine talked about the three doctors Dr.Happy, Dr.Diet and Dr.Quiet. In the CHEK system added a fourth Dr. Movement.
We then have the six foundation principles:
3. Sleep
4. Hydration
5. Nutrition
6. Movement
Ps. Do not get confused I am not saying that we NEVER need a pharmaceutical drug or some GUIDANCE or STRUCTURE in life. What I am saying is if we want to combat world health and flatten the curve it starts with OURSELVES. We cannot expect OTHERS to change if we don’t change OURSELVES.
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