One of the clients gave me this review:
“Having worked in an office for 40 years I had developed a poor posture and intermittent lower back and hip pain , when these symptoms became more prevalent my GP diagnosed bursitis and prescribed anti inflammatory drugs. I was not happy with the prospect of taking such drugs on a long term basis so my GP recommended that I try Pilates to build up my core strength which was probably (to be honest) non existent.
I attended an assessment with Nisha for her to learn about my situation and for me to learn more about Pilates before deciding whether to attend regular lessons. I have now been having lessons for the past 3 months and I feel much stronger , flexible and overall enlivened by my Pilates experience.
I was a complete beginner and still have lots to learn and I expect to benefit from the future lessons I will undertake. Nisha is aware of the symptoms that I had , and during the lessons personally ensures that I carry out the exercises correctly so as to increase my core strength and improve my posture.
Speaking for myself , attending Nisha’s lessons 2 or 3 times a week has been very rewarding and successful in getting rid of those niggling back pains that held me back from doing so many things , I am now not on any medication which is great news. I would recommend that if you find yourself in the same position as me give Pilates Manchester a go.”
So our studio is different from every other Pilates studio as we are holistic. Meaning we look at the whole person.
This is not a new concept and came from the ancient Greeks, in fact Hippocrates himself.
Hippocrates contributions to medicine include detailed observations of disease and its effects, and an understanding of how health is often influenced by diet, breakdowns in bodily processes, and the environment.
But this is the catch…….
“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick”
I mean, that is ON POINT
See, you can’t CHANGE your life if you’re UNWILLING to give up some things and keep repeating the same behaviour
You can’t TRANSFORM your energy if you’re unwilling to give up putting junk in your body
You can’t transform your emotional RESPONSE if you’re unwilling to give up your ‘story’ and are still playing the victim
You can’t GROW your business if you’re unwilling to give up your fear of rejection
You can’t transform our RELATIONSHIPS if you’re unwilling to give up your need to be right
 all the time….
I could keep, going
And going
And going
But I wont…
Let me leave you with this, though
If you want to UPGRADE yourself you MUST be willing to give up the things that are keeping you stuck
If you’re willing to GIVE UP your EXCUSES?
I can help you with the rest
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Nisha Srivastava (Pilates Guru)
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