1. Are you leaving life to chance and impulse?
  2. Are you waiting for the world to change before you change?
  3. Are your present choices getting your body, mind and soul to where you want it to be?
  4. Are you stuck in default and repeating the same habitual patterns?
  5. Do you want to banish your postural and back problems for ever?
  6. Are you ready to change your habits?
  7. Are you ready to see results on your body?

Your core values should fit in line with your behaviour, choices and lifestyle. So for example if your priority is making sure that the dog is walked each day. That should be in the top five habits that you perform each day. If your priority is relaxing watching the TV each night, that will be in your top five actions. If your priority is not going to the gym and not eating healthy food, this is going to be hard to get it into your top five priorities. The biggest disappointment in life is when other people don’t meet our expectations. We try and mould them into what we want, we manipulate them into how we should think they should behave and what to think rather than how to think.

If you are trying to create new habits such as getting to bed earlier, changing dietry choices and doing exercise this can quite often appear overwhelming. We can easily transcend overwhelm by looking at priorities. It is always easier to lower standards rather than be overwhelmed. We all want the easy way out in life. Overwhelm is high negative energy.

The biggest reason people tell me that they cannot make change is because of their work schedule.

Question for you, are you living in fear of less time? Does your job or business run you, rather than you run it?

In order to discover your core values, you must firstly need to understand:

1). Your physiology – How is your breathing, posture and health in general.

2). Where is your attention going? Is it always on the negative, the past, is that where you are focused? Is your present behaviour justification for the past happenings?

3). What fear (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real) is holding you back?

Being overwhelmed is a high energy state, but low-quality persona. This is fear of less time, fear of handling it, fear of not achieving and the list goes on. Overwhelm is the constant thinking about the tasks in hand, not putting them in priority and not getting them done. The purpose of life is to provide growth and contribution. If you feel overwhelmed, do not make everything a priority, choose the most essential first. This is why your core values are so important, if you are not clear on you’re your values you can’t give priority to the task in hand. We usually have so much to do, but cant do it. Make the bigger jobs smaller and you will succeed. So for example instead of aiming for the gym 3 times a week and not even getting there once. Set out ten minutes of home exercise each day. If you want to lose three stone start by aiming for 1 lb a week . Allocate a time line, when does this job need to be done by.

My take home points are:

  1. If you don’t have a vision, goal or reference point, you do not know where you are going and cannot progress on the things you want.
  2. Don’t set false timelines. Set timelines that are in balance with your physiology. Identify all the distractions that will prevent you reaching your goal. For example phone, social media etc
  3. When setting deadlines, aim for it, but don’t promise. This is not a time management problem it’s a mind management problem. “Where your attention goes, energy flows”.
  4. Have a creative break such as going for a walk , singing, artwork , dance, movement. This is usually where we access your right brain the most and create the most ideas.
  5. Is this actually a deadline or a preference? E.G You want to lose 3 stone, but only lose one, thats amazing
  6. Don’t pick a fight with reality, our approach is everything.
  7. Ask better questions to yourself and others. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.
  8. If you are not prepared for life, you will lack a strategic mindset.  A mindset of scarcity, negativity, jealousy, judgment, anger and the belief that you are not enough. When we operate from scarcity, we will self soothe and have a false perception.

Remember what ever or who ever you are life , there are always more people that need you. There are always endless opportunities and possibilities. There are always enough resources. It’s our perception that triggers abundance. Abundance and gratitude go hand in hand. It’s our mindset that is always the problem. I daily journal so that I can always find the best wins of the day. If we always ask the question: “How are you?” it will always go to something negative. However if I ask the question: “What’s your biggest win?” , you will always focus on something positive.

Practice appreciation, appreciation for problems as they make you a better person. When you are abundant, it will be impossible to become overwhelmed. The more we appreciate, the more equilibrium we will achieve. Be in the power of now, not the past, not the future and take action. Remember there are no winners and losers but just winners and learners.

Everyone’s reaction is where they are at , physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. There is no such thing as negative people, just negative thoughts about those people. Remember everyone is doing their best.


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