Any success in your life is built on rituals and habitual patterns. Without a plan or end game, there is no goal to be disciplined for. Without a vision of the future we will return to the past, which tends to be full of bad habits and mistakes. The things we do every day are perceived as important. Habitual thoughts are default behaviours that have taken years of experience to build. They don’t always serve us.

Lots of people want the results, but many are not willing to do the work. Everyone wants to get to the finish line, but not many are willing to stay the course. That’s the truth and it is  basic common sense. We can improve our relationships, body, energy levels and bank balances. If we want to get better, we have got to do better…..

If we give up a sport, hobby or something that we do, we don’t notice at first. But after a period of time we do. For example stopping your exercise routine, you may not notice at first, but later you will.

In order to raise my perception, I daily journal with integrity. Doing exercise and training are two different things. You can turn up and do exercise but should always aim to improve 1-3 % each time we do it in order to advance further forwards.

When we have a goal, vision or outcome, we need to link our training and our daily, weekly, monthly habits to refining and tapping into our vision. Having the ability to stay focused with discipline is a skill set that can be learnt and practiced. Preparation is everything, by not doing it, you are setting yourself up to fail.

When we are not organised in life, we end up with what we don’t want, rather than what we do want. I prepared, I planned to have world class Pilates studios offering the best in the NW. It’s not just preparing your mind and attention; it’s preparing your body as a whole holistic being. A to do list is for amateurs. Journaling and planning take you to another level.

Everything starts in the mind, from scarcity to abundance. What can I get, to what I can give? Urgency is getting stuff done, rather than not getting stuff done.

Most of our thoughts are negative, so establish elite level results with elite level preparation. We don’t want people who want to stay where they are in life. We want to empower people to the next step, take the risk. We want a daily reminder of our mission and power message. Where am I going ??

What is a phrase or sentence that I am going to try to engrain  in my mind, when things get challenging or negativity comes knocking?

Don’t leave things to hope and chance.

We can only extend an invitation to people, family and friends. It’s up to them to do their best, stress comes from unmet expectations. Power messages become one of my beliefs. It’s impossible to be rejected because everyone is doing their best for them, it’s never about us.

We have the opportunity to have a positive effect in people’s day. Do it with integrity, link it to the future.

Prioritise the higher self.

What is the one thing that I must get done today, which will propel me forwards to my future and make everything else easier and unnecessary.

Who do you need to become to pull yourself through?

As long as I am open, I am pulling my future towards the new. Focus on a future you want, rather than what you don’t want. Slow progress is better than no progress. If you keep saying I am tired, that becomes your identity.

I’m a world class teacher/writer, that influences others. This has to be something that shows evidence of becoming true over time. Take on the identity of a person who is already what you want to be.

I am truly magical and committed to the service and health of others.

I am a world class at …

I am committed to being in great shape….

I am on a mission…….

I am a disciplined man/woman……

Instead of saying I am trying to quit smoking, I am a non-smoker….

Men with six packs do the food prep on a Sunday. People who try always fail, instead of saying I am changing, say I am becoming.

What do you say about yourself to yourself, what do you say to other people about yourself?

I am a world class Mum/Dad/ Teacher…..

Don’t confuse resting with quitting.

Stop trying and take action.


Paul Mort – Prime Unstoppable